Wilkes County Head of Household Project

This file contains a list of the heads of household in the 1860 Wilkes County census, together with their likely spouses. Using marriage bond records and other data, we are now trying to identify the maiden names of wives in each family. Can you add information to this list? If so, please email Faye Moran at: faye@fmoran.com.

We have verified some names and other information from NC marriage records. It was necessary to make some assumptions in creating this list, which of course may not be correct in all cases, but we made every effort to ensure the correctness of the information presented.

If you have a site related to any individual on this list, please contact me and I'll be happy to make a link.

Elkin Surry Township

767. Levi Colvard and Mary C.
768. Jonathan Lyons and Jane
769. Peter Walls and Sarah (Gentry)
770. James Perkins and Middy
771. William Darnell and Elizabeth (Gentry)
772. John K. Rose and Melinda
773. Henry Gambill and Franky (Frances Gentry)
774. Absolum Lyons (Lyan) and Prudence (Crouse)
775. William Simons and Christina
776. Austin Gentry and Mahala (Crouse)
777. John W. Fields and Charlity (Dickerson)
778. Hugh Gambill and Charlotte
779. James Darnell and Mary (Walls)
780. Jacob Walls
781. Raleigh Darnell, Jr. and Martha Ann (Tucker)
782. William Darnell and Sarah
783. James Gambill and Nancy (Walls)
784. Henderson Harris and Peroby (Rhody Simmons)
785. Toliver Darnell and Martha
786. David Haynes and Jane
787. Martha (Jones) Spencer (m. Wm. S. Spencer, 1833)
788. William THomas (Thomese) and Mary (Cockerham)
789. Jordan Gentry and Nancy (Susan Fields)
790. Jacob Lyons and Jane (Gentry)
791. Jordan Phillips and Elizabeth
792. Wesley Jolly and Nancy (Cockerham)
793. John Crouse and Nancy
794. Harvey Burchett and Mahala (Creed)
795. Hiram Settle
796. Jesse F. Byrd and Susanna
797. James Cockerham and Rhoda (McCann)
798. Caroline Bundy
799. David West and Linda
800. Reuben Settle and Ann
801. Mary Lyons, widow of James Lyons
802. Valentine Lyon and Rachel (Walls)
803. Nancy Settle
804. William Bucham and Pheny (Lyon)
805. James H. Johnson and Fanny (Wall)
806. Subel Burcham and Anne
807. Troy Burcham and Mary
808. Jane Couch
809. John Burcham and Sarah
810. Caleb Carter and Mary
811. Samuel Carter and Jane (Simmons)
812. Benjamin Carter and Zelphia (Napier)
813. Joshua Carter and Matilda (Blackburn)
814. Nelson Thomas and Martha
815. Nancy Darnell
816. Robert Creed and Mary
817. Daniel Fields and Lucy (Lewsea Harris/Haris)
818. Ambrose Harris and Lucinda (Fields)
819. Margaret (Harris) Fields (m. Joseph Fields)
820. Jane Lee
821. Joseph Lowell and Adaline
822. William Hagerman and Rebecca
823. Jacob Lowell
824. James Walls and Mahuldah (Gentry)
825. Andrew Pruitt and Louisa
826. Jefferson Gentry and Elizabeth
827. Micajah Phillips and Rachel (Johnson) (d/o Ambrose Johnson and Lucinda Franklin)
829. Barnard F. Johnson and Mary J.
830. Lucinda Johnson
831. Wilson Norman and Rhoda (Carter)

State Road Township

832. Wilson Lufman and Lucy
833. Franklin Norman and Phebe
834. Joseph Haynes and Milly
835. Meshack N. Couch and Mary (Bryan)
836. William M. Phillips and Caroline (Gibbs)
837. Lindsey Phillips
838. Eli Norman and Clarissa (Lee)
839. William Walls and Eveline
840. Marion McCann and Rachel (Rachel Bogus Smith)
841. Thomas McCann and Harriet (Poe)
842. William Hanks and Nancy (Caroline McCann)
843. Reuben Blackburn and Pauline
844. Jeremiah Barns and Mary
845. Elmore Cheeks and Jennette
846. Jonathan Adkins and Cynthia (Cinderella Bryan)
847. Harrison Haynes (Haines) and Rebecca Carter
848. Daniel Wright Sr, and Patience
849. Leander Napier and Letha
850. David S. Napier and Phebe
851. Isaac N. Taylor and Sarah
852. Oliver Couch and Rugh
853. John Birchett and Jane
854. Charlotte Haynes
855. Sarah Haynes
856. Eli Lufman and Sarah (Hans/Haines)
857. Daniel Wright, Jr. and Lydia
858. Esquire Dickson (Dickerson) and Martha (Wall)
859. Keziah Carter
860. Littleton Carter and Mary
861. Burrell S. Wells (Burrell T. Wall) and Elizabeth (Carter)
862. Henry Thomas and Susan
863. Allen Lyons
864. Larkin Brooks (s/o Stokes Brooks and Clarissa H. Reynolds) and Mary (Brown) (d/o John Brown)
865. Wiliam Carpenter and Harriett (Smith)
866. Henry Hawkins and Matilda
867. Timothy Sparks and Jane
868. James Swift and Malinda
869. James Smith and Mary
870. Ruth Smith
871. Banion Rucker and Lucinda
872. James Caudill and Sarah M.

Roaring Gap Township

873. Stephen B. Jones and Temperance
874. Solomon Crouse and Elizabeth
875. Druey Haynes and Mary
876. James P. Smith and Hiley
877. Hannah Parks
878. Ansel Parks and Mary
879. Nancy Phillips
880. Hugh Cockerham and Nancy
881. Wm. C. Dejournette and Huldah
882. Stephen Combs and Sarah
883. Reuben R. Sparks and Ann
884. John Jolly and Elizabeth (Spicer)
885. William Kennady and Amanda
886. William B. Kennady and Rachel
887. George W. Gentry and Frances
888. Stephen Combs, Jr. and Malinda (Caudill)
889. Francis Blackburn and Nancy
890. William Johnson (s/o Leander Johnson) and Sarah (Crouse)
891. Samuel Hanks and Letty (Cockerham)
892. James McCann, Jr. and Lucinda
893. James McCann, Sr. and Nancy (Smith)
894. Jonathan Gentry and Jemima (Spicer)
895. William M. Billings and Sarah
896. John W. Woodruff (Wm. Woodruff) and Sarah (Gentry)
897. David Hanks and Margaret
898. John Caudill and Levicia
899. William R. Caudill and Sarah

Traphill Township
900. Vincent Baugus and Mary
901. William Scott and Charity
902. Emanuel Sparks and Mary
903. William Holbrook and Sarah
904. James F. Pardue and Malinda (Stout)
905. Leander Johnson
906. Nancy Lyons
907. Thomas Bryan and Nancy (Baughus/Baugus)
908. Robert Bryan and Jane
909. Peter Brown and Mary (Buttry)
910. Thomas Wood and Sarah
911. John Steelman and Hannah
912. Harvey Spicer and Nancy (Phillips)
913. Samuel Spicer and Elizabeth
914. John A. Tideline and Margaret (Vollentine)
915. Austin Lyons (m. Nancy Caudle, 1828)
916. Anderson Wood and Adaline
917. Sarah Alexander
918. Abraham Bryan and Margaret
919. Aaron Hurt
920 William Cheatwod and Milly
921. Tyra York and Eliza
922. Reuben Sparks and Phebe
923. Miles Lyons and Jane (Lyon)
924. James Cranfield and Evoline
925. James Durham and Mattie (Sparks)
926. John Holman (Holleman) and Mary (Armstrong)

Swan Pond Township
927. Martin Shores and Nancy
928. James E. Morrison and Mary S.
929. Robert Cecil and Elizabeth (m. Elizabeth McCrary, 1837, Davidson County, NC)
930. Henry Hendrix and Patience
931. William Allen and Balinda
932. Thomas Martin
933. Nancy Hampton
934. John Martin and Mary Jane (Edwards), d/o David E. Edwards and Nancy Laura Choate
935. William Headspach (Hudspeth?) and Sarah
936. Martin Green and Patsy (Martha Martin)
937. Thomas McBride and Sarah (Gray), d/o George Gray and Sarah Benge
938. Gray McBride and Emily
939. Thomas Green and Elizabeth (Sale)
940. William Green and Fannie (Canadey)
941. Green McBride and Martha (Martin)
942. Elizabeth (Heatherman) McBride (widow of William McBride)

Brier Creek Township
943. Benjamin Walker and Martha
944. William Sales and Judith C. (Evans)
945. Benjamin Oliver Hazard Perry Martin (m. Elizabeth Martin, 1836), d/o Isaac Martin and Nancy Green
946. John Roberts and Nancy (Myers)
947. John Partette and Elizabeth
948. Abner Carmichael and Fannie (Frances Bryan), d/o Andrew Bryan, Jr. and Philadelphia Garnett Jones
949. Leland Martin and Laura (Corpening), d/o David Corpening and Mary Elvira Perkins
950. John Mastin and Elizabeth
951. Thomas J. Mastin and Rissa
952. Augustus Harrison Martin and Susan (Corpening), d/o David Corpening and Mary Elvira Perkins
953. Henry McDaniel and Elizabeth (Adams)
954. Benjamin Mastin and Malinda (McDanold/McDonald)
955. James F. Harris and Millie (Amelia Masten)
956. James N. Harris and Nancy (Martin), d/o James Martin
957. Sarah L. Harris
958. James F. Amos and Nancy
959. William Parks and Matilda (Bryan), d/o John J. Bryan and Nancy Ann Robins
960. Felix B. Parks and Louisa (Francis Louisa Hampton), d/o William Hampton and Nancy Bryan
961. Addison Rousseau and Cynthia (Parks), d/o James Martin Parks and Mary Bryan
962. Nathan G. Mastin
963. Miles Alonzo Nance and Fanny (Lavina Stanley)
964. John Moore and Sarah (Anderson) (d/o Enos Ellis Anderson and Nancy Stanley)
965. James Benton and Sarah
966. John Wesley Ball and Airey (Ary Melvina Stanley)
967. John Joseph Ray and Mary (Polly Walker), d/o Howard Walker and Alice Parker
968. Joel Tedder and Elizabeth (Caroliine Hix)
970. Ivan Anderson and Rebecca
971. John King and Nancy D.
972. Baswell (Bazel) Parker and Sarah (Tedder)
973. Alexander Parker and Sarah (Hayes)
974. John R. Foster and Mary
975. Jesse G. Lee and Jane
976. David McClain and Janette
977. Thomas Foster and Barbara (Barbara Perlina Fyffe)
978. Thomas McDaniel and Eliza (possibly Levinsey Kerry ?, m. 1854)
979. (Samuel) Smith Parker and Elizabeth (Call)
980. Huston Tedder and Sarah (Brooks)
981. John Sales, Jr. and Lemirah (Gray), d/o George Gray and Sarah Benge
982. Ann (Moore) Anderson (widow of Jesse Anderson)
983. Elam Marlow and Viney (Viney V. Williams)
984. Solomon Baugus and Nancy (Adams)
985. Elbert Jones and Amelia (Webber)
986. Irvin Reed (Reid) and Elizabeth (Riddle)
987. Willliam Inscore and Ruth (Rutha Byrd)
988. Joshua Inscore
989. Moses Johnson and Catherine (Susannah C. Glass)
990. John Jenkins and Lucinda (Lucy Brooks)
991. John Rousseau
992. Joseph Porter and Sarah (Johnson)
993. Andrew Porter and Mary (Coffey)
994. Adeline (Porter) Shatley (m. Wm. Shatley, 1848)
995. Peter M. Warren and Margaret
996. Willis Wadkins (Watkins) and Mary (Perdew)
997. Eli F. Johnson and Milly (Johnson)
998. Anthony (Jack) Foster and (Lucy Goforth), d/o Thomas Goforth and Mildred Foster
999. Samuel P. Smith and Amelia (Amelia Matilda Martin), d/o Robert Martin and Amelia Wright

New Castle Township
1000. Jacob Staley and Ellender (Nelly Childers)
1001. Alfred Staley and Diana E. (Cleveland), d/o John Harrison Cleveland and Amelia Eliza Martin
1002. Edwin Martin and Adeline L. (Green)
1003. John Brown and Mary
1004. Thomas Robets and Elizabeth
1005. Chapman Lewis and Jemima
1006. Sirus Culver and Elizabeth
1007. Amos Ladd and Sarah (Sparks)
1008. Ruth (Sprinkle) Felts (m. Lindsey Felts, 1830)
1009. Gamons White
1010. James Elmore and Sarah
1011. James (L.) Norman and Mary (Coleman)
1012. Thomas Norman and Ruth (Morgan)
1013. Beverly Colman and Nancy (Norman)
1014. John H. Coleman and Susannah (Felts)
1015. Sterlen Bowers and Sarah

Osbournsville Township
1016. Robert Dowers
1017. James Sparks and Letha
1018. John Robins and Elizabeth
1019. James M. Gregory and Jane
1020. Ezekial B. Cass
1021. Elizabeth Nicholson
1022. Alfred Warren and (Mary Rash)
1023. Elizabeth Myers
1024. Ruth Myers
1025. Isaac Norman
1025. Isaac Norman and Nancy (Morgan)
1025. Amos Norman and Elizabeth (Mabery)
1026. James M. Redding and Margaret (Peggy Woodard)
1027. Franklin Longbottom and Cynthia (Mahatha/Mahaffey)
1028. Martha Mahaffey
1029. Alexander Mathis and Matilda
1030. Lewis Harris and Elizabeth (Gray)
1031. John Roberts
1032. Nancy Mitchell
1033. Mahala (Hollis) Maberry (m. James Maburey, 1843)
1034. James Gregory and Mary (Rash)
1035. Meredith Rash and Sarah
1036. Moses Money (Mony) and Nancy (Ball)
1037. George Roberts

Lovelace Township
1038. John Maberry and Nancy (Hollas)
1039. Nancy Maberry
1040. Gabriel Parks and Sarah
1041. Humprey Roberts and Ann
1042. Elizabeth Coleman
1043. Mary Jones
1044. Eli Henderson and Caroline
1045. Edmond Everidge and Elizabeth
1046. Charles Walker and Sarah (Chambers)
1047. John (B.) Coleman and Rebecca (Brown)
1048. Campbell Coleman and Charity (Love) (d/o Ingram Love)
1049. Robert Coleman and Mary (Mary Ann Jones)
1050. William Shephard and Elizabeth (Aimes)
1051. William Chambers and Rinda (Hardin)
1052. Samuel Johnson and Mary
1053. James Johnston and Nancy Johnson (d/o Samuel A. Johnson)
1054. John Chambers and Martha (Martha Ann Dunn)
1055. Finley Howard and Mary (Brown)
1056. Christopher Howard and Hannah (Johnson)
1057. John Bird and Nancy (Howard)
1058. James Jarvis and Lydia (Nickelson)
1059. William Jarvis and Elizabeth
1060. John Gregory and Sarah (Sally Redding)
1061. William McCoy
1062. Elijah Ball and Lucinda
1063. Thomas Norman, Jr. and Adaline
1064. John W. Sturdivant and Jemima
1065. James Rash and Jane
1066. James Jarvis, Sr. (m. Lydia McBride, 1809)
1067. Letty Parker
1068. Micajah Prevett and Lucy
1069. Henry Rash and Elizabeth (Parker)
1070. John N. Jarvis and Dicey (Lunsford)
1071. Rebecca Brown
1072. John Harris and Catherine
1073. Richard Wooten and Mary
1074. William Jarvis and Lucinda Kemp
1075. John W. Prevett and Jane
1076. Mary Garris
1077. Dicey (Nicholson) Woody (m. James Woody, 1835)
1078. Grace Brown
1079. William Mason and Cynthia (Lunsford)
1079. Winston (Winsor) Mason and Rose Ann (Shoemaker)
1080. John Prevett, Sr. and Mary
1081. Elizabeth Crab
1082. Joseph Shumaker and Ann (Crabb)
1083. Martine Money and Mary (Coleman)
1084. Alisey (Jarvis) Ball (m. Levi Ball, 1817)
1085. John Ball m. Paulina (Bolinna Davis)
1086. James Speaks and Elizabeth (Rash)
1087. John Hampton and Lucretia (Lewcreasey Speakes)

New Castle Township
1088. John H. McCoy and Elizabeth
1089. Elijah Norman and Rachel (Briant/Bryant)
1090. John Welborn and Martha
1090. Abel R. Welborn and Mary (Cass)
1091. Henry Cass and Mary
1092. William Sprinkle and Lucinda (Johnson)
1093. John Welborn, Jr. and Mary (Shops) (Shropshire?)
1094. Allen Welborn and Martha
1095. Wiley Jennings and Rebecca
1096. Thomas Jennings and Sarah
1097. John Morgan and Sarah
1098. Elijah Ladd and Eliza
1099. Major Pardue and Rhoda Ann (Money)
1100. Pleasant Boon
1101. Martha Welborn
1102. William C. Thomason
1103. Ezekial Morgan and Elizabeth
1104. William Triplett and Dinah
1105. Margaret Triplett
1106. Leander Curry and Nancy (Jennings)
1107. Diana Adelaide (Martin) Hunt (m. James Clemmons Hunt, 1828), d/o James Martin & Elvira Bryan
1108. John Redding and Mary (Polly Brown)
1109. Henry Chambers and Elizabeth
1110. Winston Chambers and Susanna
1111. William Benge and Judith A.
1112. John Chambers and Sarah
1113. Silas Hampton and Mary (Brown)
1114. Thomas Gray and Jane (Caul) (Call?)
1115. Daniel Honeycutt and Edney
1116. James W. Gray and Nancy (Winna Johnson)
1117. Jerel Sisk and Sarah (Norman)
1118. Alice Hendrix
1119. Harrison Sisk and Dicey (Norman)
1120. Delphia Henderson
1121. Isaac Money and Lucinda (Myars/Myers)
1122. James Mahaffey and Jerusha
1124. William Mathias and Ruth
1125. John Mathis and Susan
1126. Milly Brown
1127. Tilman Honeycutt and Eveline
1128. John Sales, Sr. and Susannah (Mayberry)
1128. Hiram C. Douthit and Elizabeth (Elizabeth McBride)
1129. William Bowers and Mary
1130. Rebecca Cook
1131. Temperance Sparks
1132. Fanny Sparks
1133. Dicey Walker
1134. James W. Pardue and Margaret
1135. Squire Brown and Elizabeth
1136. Laura A. Parker
1137. Amelia Milly (Gray) Sales (m. James Sale, 1822), d/o of James Gray and Margaret Parks
1138. William Elmore and Sarah (Collens)
1139. Edmond Harris and Jane (Peddijohn)
1140. William Segraves and Elvira J.
1141. Andrew Boon
1142. Henry Kimmer and Laura
1143. Reubin A. Brian
1145. Elisha Benge and Nancy (Combs)
1146. Peter Trice and Emeline
1147. Daniel Greer and Martha
1148. John Petty and Mary
1149. John Haynes and Mary
1150. Benjamin Martin and Nancy
1151. Anderson Brown and Margaret
1152. John Kimmer and Esther
1153. Elvira West
1154. Fieldon Inscore and Elizabeth (Oakley)
1155. James F. Adams and Prudence (Woodruff)
1156. John Harp and Elizabeth
1157. Noah Sparks and Rachel (McBride)
1158. Jesse Adams and Jane (Jincey Sparks)
1159. John Gillum/Gilliam and Nancy (Nancy Demaris Adams)
1160. Temperance Sturdivant and Mary A.
1161. Robert Simmons and Elizabeth
1162. William Day and Milly (Ellender Perdue?)
1163. John McBride and Elizabeth
1164. John Britten Inscore and Eliza (Eliza Caroline West)
1165. William Gray, Sr. and Rachel (Curry), d/o William Curry and Elizabeth Moore
1166. Constant Gray and Mary
1167. James P. Sales and Nancy (Lewis)
1168. Reuben Sparks and Belinda (Gray)
1169. Joseph Sparks and Mary (Gray)
1170. Robert F. Calloway (m. Sarah Gillum, 1842)
1171. William Pardue and Elisabeth (Lewis)
1172. James Lewis and Emily (Perdue)
1173. Calvin Shoes and Sarah
1174. James Triplett and Louisa
1175. Richard Everage
1176. John Wilkerson and Avarilla
1177. Elisha Porter and Malinda (Brewer)
1178. Francis Tilly and Betty
1179. Alexander Thomas and Mary
1180. John Shipwash and Lydia (Sprinkle)
1181. Reeves Brock and Levina

Brier Creek Township
1182. Samuel Culver and Martha
1183. Randolph Gortney and Millison
1184. Sirus Gortney and Lamira
1185. Joseph Chambers and Therisa
1186. Oliver Mastin
1187. Henderson Lawrence and Jane
1188. John W. Banner and Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth Shipwash)
1189. Anderson Davis and Mary (Mary Ann Shipwash)
1190. John Yokley and Mary
1191. Ararat (Kerr) Shipwash, widow of Michael Shipwash; d/o Absolom Kerr and Sarah Martin)
1192. Elizabeth Curry
1193. Malinda (Linday) Gregory (m. James Gregory, 1830)
1194. William Gregory
1195. William Bird and Elizabeth
1196. Henry Ingle and Delila
1197. Thomas Pardue and Nancy (Marsten)
1198. Martin Redding and Sarah (Martin), d/o James Martin
1199. Alexander Mayberry
1200. James Carender
1201. Seth Chambers and Ann C. (Carlina Mabury)
1202. Daniel McBride (m. Clarisa "Clary" Sale), d/o John Sale and Susannah Mayberry
1203. George Mayberry and Margaret
1204. James Felts and Nancy (Felts)
1205. Jordan Inscore and Sarah (Sally Johson)
1206. Richard Barnes and Louisa
1207. Caroline Pardue
1208. James Gray and Elizabeth (Green)
1209. John Pardue and Rhoda
1210. Aquilla Cecil and Martha
1211. Warren Younger
1212. Thomas Martin and Martha (Pardue), d/o John Pardue and Elizabeth Godfrey
1213. James Martin and Lucy
1214. William Redding and Martha (Martin), d/o Henry Martin and Mary Sale
1215. Thomas Poteate and Rachel

New Castle Township
1216. Daniel Ingle and Elizabeth (McDaniel)
1216. Milly McDaniel (Milly Herbin m. Wm. McDaniel, 1805)
1217. Robert Sales
1218. William Yokley and Martha
1219. William Sales and Caroline
1220. Thomas Myers and Margaret (Curry), d/o George Curry and Elizabeth Gray
1221. Alexander James Martin and Elizabeth (Curry), d/o George Curry and Elizabeth Gray
1222. Constant Gray and Jane (Jinsey Sale)
1223. Robert G. Harris and Mary
1224. William Gray and Tena
1225. Joseph Martin and Stacey
1226. William Riddle and Mary (Lewis)
1227. Andrew Souther and Jane (Jencey Lewis)
1228. James Bird and Orilla (Bryan), d/o John J. Bryan and Nancy Hampton
1229. William Jarvis and Sally (Dillard)

Wilkesboro Township
1230. William Haynes and Mary
1231. John Glass and Hessie (Hessa Shew)
1232. Henry Shoe and Sarah (Johnson)
1233. Henry Glass and Elizabeth (Johnson)
1234. Frederick Ingool (Ingold) and Lucy (Fred. Ingold m. Susan Shew, Guilford Co., NC, 1829)
1235. Wesley Shoe and Debby (Love)
1236. Charles S. Cooper and Almeda (Francis A. McDaniel)
1237. James W. Johnson and Amanda (Amanda C. Stone)
1238. William M. Johnson and Elizabeth (Betsy Shew); s/o John Johnson and Edna Gray
1239. William R. Glass and Lucinda (Riddle)
1240. Felix Stone and Permelia (Milly Inscore), d/o Reuben Inscore and Henrietta Oakley)
1241. Joel Felts and Elizabeth (Norman)
1242. Benjamin Perry Johnson and Lucy (Curry), d/o Simon Curry, Sr. and Mary;s/o Eli Johnson and Sarah Wheatley
1243. James Inscore and Nancy (Shew)
1244. William Anderson and Sarah
1245. James M. Gambill and Phebe (Nancy Phebe Walls)
1246. William Cheeks and Lucinda (Woodruff)
1247. Gideon Mccager Woodruff and Sarah (Sarah Clementine Sales), d/o John Sale, Jr. and Lemirah Gray
1248. Thomas S. Boushelle and Augustine
1249. Franky Morgan and Catherine
1250. Richard Barber and Mary (Peden)
1251. Mary Tedder
1252. James Brooks and Lucy (Tedder)
1253. William Mastin and Amanda (m. Amanda Becknell, 1856)
1254. James W. Transou and Mary (Rousseau)
1255. Rufus Transou and Jerusha (Wright), d/o Robert Martin Wright and Amelia Susanna Bell
1256. John Hendren and Jane L.
1257. Jesse Hendren and Rebecca E.
1258. James W. Hendren and Mary
1259. Andrew Shoemaker and Rebecca (Lane)
1260. William Smithey and Mary
1261. William Smithey, Jr. and Susannah Barbara (Ray), d/o Joseph Ray and Elizabeth Shew
1262. Thoomas Andrew "Anderson" Winkler and Martha (Matney)
1263. Enzor Anderson and Mary (Polly Penix)
1264. Susan Smithey
1265. Thomas H. St. Clair and Elizabeth (Shew)
1266. Nelson Johnson and Mary (Shew)
1267. William Souther and Nancy
1268. William B. Transou and Mary (Gilbreath)
1268. Abraham Transou and Lucy (Bryan)
1269. William Perkins and Mary (Transou)
1270. Mary Lane
1271. Dolly Grinton
1272. Ann St. Clair
1273. Jesse Raines and Dorcas (Baty/Baity)
1274. John Combs and Elizabeth
1275. William Pearson and Diana (Wallace)
1276. Alla D. Clary (Barnard), widow of Benjamin Clary
1277. Stephen Johnson
1278. William (Pitt Waugh) Finley and Martha Caroline (Horton), d/o William Eagles Horton and Sarah Dula
1279. John A. Brewer and Nancy
1280. (George) Washington Owens and Julia (July Ann Cheeks)
1281. Emmit Holoway and Herriet
1282. Joseph Soots and Malinda
1283. John Lane and Sarah
1284. William Duncan and Elizabeth (Scott)
1285. Daniel H. Call and Susanna (Miller)
1286. Ann Call
1287. James M. Call and Emily
1288. Cyrus Parker and Mary Hayes
1289. Edmond Coffee and Jane
1290. George Thornburg and Elizabeth
1291. William Williams Wright and Sarah (Martin), d/o Robert Martin and Amelia Wright
1292. John Curry and Elizabeth (Glasscock)
1293. Robert Martin Wright and Amelia Susanna (Bell)

1294. Ambrose L. Johnson and Martha (Patsy Gray)
1295. Elizabeth (Dowell) Johnson, widow of Ambrose Johnson; d/o Richard Dowell and Mary McDaniel
1296. William Parks "Billy" Johnson and Nancy Elizabeth (Curry), d/o George Curry and Elizabeth Gray
1297. Robert Moore and Elizabeth (Johnson)
1298. William (C.) Anderson and Emily (Smithey)
1299. Thomas Lambert and Nancy
1300. George Parker and Rebecca (Wilson)
1301. Hanan Dowell and Emiline (Johnson)
1302. Peter H. Johnson and Flora J. (Padgett), d/o William Padgett and Nancy Livingston
1304. Wesley Anderson and Dicey (Combs)
1305. William Combs and Matilda (Lewis)
1306. John Lewis and Ruth (Rutha/Ruthey St. John)
1307. Amanda Williams
1308. Delphia Bell
1309. Ivan Bell and Fannie
1310. Benjamin F. Lewis and Sarah
1311. Sarah Jarvis (m. Levi Jarvis, about 1830)
1312. Dabney W. Parks
1313. Jane Bussell and Rhoda Bussell
1314. Sarah Harris1315. Matthew Kemp and Mary Evaline Felts, d/o Elisha Felts; s/o Squire Kemp

Lovelace Township
1316. Israel Holler and Nancy (Brown)
1317. Daniel W. Brown and Lydia
1318. Abrose Mullis and Mary
1319. Noah Brown and Senith (Becknall)
1320. Larkin Beckenll and Marinda
1320. William E. Mastin and Amanda (Becknell, m. 1856)
1321. Lazarus Nicholson and Mary
1322. James Soots and Nancy (Johnson)
1323. Elizabeth Becknell
1323. Clara Becknell
1324. Dolly Luntsford (Lunsford)
1325. Elisha Soots and Mariah
1326. James Luntsford (Lunsford) and Susanna (Rash)
1327. Margaret Lewis
1328. John Lewis and Caroline Harris, d/o John Harris and Catherine "Kate" Nicholson
1329. Joseph Lewis and Elizabeth (m. 1822)
1330. Joel Brown and Mary (Becknell)
1331. Hicks Combs and Jane (Jincey Brown) (m. 1858)
1332. Archibald Bell and Grace
1333. Thomas Slater Bell and Linda (Anderson)
1334. Mary Spicer
1335. Elizabeth Fuget

Wilkesboro Township
1336. King Shumate and Mary
1337. Henry Adams and Susanna
1338. Robert Hays and Matilda (Milly Elledge)
1339. Allen Grinton and Nancy (Roland)
1340. Timothy Clark and Eliza
1341. Jacob Shoe (Shew)
1342. Margaret Brewer
1343. Joel Joseph Shoe (Shew) and Martha M. (Benton)
1344. Susanna Colston
1345. Mary Soots
1346. Wiley Shoe (Shew) and Judith (Julia Stone)
1347. Simon Shoe (Shew) and Mary Sutes (Soots)
1348. Eli Johnson and Sarah Wheatley (m. 1821)
1349. Simon Glass and Sarah (Shoe/Shew)
1350. Ann Curry
1351. Dorcas (Herbin) Bird (m. Wm. Byrd, 1808)
1352. Samuel Riddle and Dicey
1353. Abram Mathis and Mary (Curry), d/o George Curry and Elizabeth Gray
1354. Ann Mathis
1355. Wesley (Wiley) Howard and Harriet (St. Clair)
1356. Meredith Henderson and Clara (Combs)

Hunting Creek Township
1357. Wyatt Johnson and Martha (Holland)
1358. George Johnson and Sarah (Sarah Ann Johnson)
1359. Henry Benge and Milly
1360. John Love and Nancy (Brown)
1360. Hiley (Parker) Love (m. Ingram Love, 1823)
1360. William Love and Susan (Combs)
1361. Tennessee Holland
1362. Howard Walker and Ailsey (Parker)
1362. David Walker and Sarah (Holderway)
1363. Sarah Hays
1364. Emanuel Bell and Nancy
1365. Samuel Felts and Pauline
1366. Joseph Hall and Cynthia (Lunsford) (m. 1827)
1367. John H. Pendergrass and Mary
1368. Rasline Johnson
1369. William (Maxwell) St. John and Mary (Martha Campbell)
1370. George W. Brown and Alvira
1371. Henry Souther (Sother) and Hannah (Lewis)
1372. Sarah Parker (Sarah Walker, d/o Howard Walker and  Alsey Parker. Sarah went by her mother's maiden name.)
1373. Anderson Moore and Susan (Dishman)
1374. Mary Dishman
1375. Albert Marlow and Cassy A. (Mullis)
1376. James Cheatman and Matilda Adams
1377. Samuel Anderson and Rinda
1378. William Love and Alvira
1379. Susanna Johnson
1380. Ausborn M. Anderson and Mary J. (Moore), d/o Robert Moore and Sophia Anderson; s/o Wesley Anderson and Dicey Combs
1381. Ailsy Shoemaker
1382. George W. Gentle and Margaret
1383. Wilmoth Kearley and Sarah
1384. Mary Marlow
1385.Thomas Mullis and Louisa
1386. William Younger and Nancy Louise (Marshall)
1387. Joseph Younger and Adelina
1388. Radford Queen and Mary
1389. Jacob E. Smith and Rebecca
1390. George B. Smith and Hiley
1391. Silas E. Chappell and Amanda (Parker), d/o Baskwell Parker
1392. Richmond Cook and Sarah (Cook)
1393. Ailsy Brotherton
1394. Sarah Marlow
1395. Irene Hendren
1396. Hilliar Marlow and Cynthia (Marlow)
1397. Hugh Marlow and Dicey (Moore)
1398. Sarah Williams
1399. Robert Stanley and Eveline (Williams)
1300. Sarah Watson
1401. Enos Cristie Anderson and Sarah (Moore)
1402. Aquilla Williams and Elizabeth (Hayes)
1403. Henry Horn Hays and Elizabeth (Holland)
1404. Martin Anderson and Delila (Nance)
1405. John Brook Ray and Frances (Franky Duncan), d/o John Duncan and Rebecca Hampton
1406. John Duncan (Dunkin) and Rebecca (Hampton)
1407. Benjamin Franklin Petty, widower of Cynthia (Bryan), d/o John J. Bryan and Nancy Ann Robins
1408. George Jones and Sarah
1409. Jesse Anderson and Annis (Anny Moore)
1410. William Emerson and Eliazabeth
1411. A. L. Hackett
1412. Carles C. Hackett and Jane C.
1413. Elizabeth S. (Hackett) Hunt (m. Nathan D. Hunt, 1842)

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