Wilkes County Head of Household Project

This file contains a list of the heads of household in the 1860 Wilkes County census, together with their likely spouses. Using marriage bond records and other data, we are now trying to identify the maiden names of wives in each family. Can you add information to this list? If so, please email Faye Moran at: faye@fmoran.com.

We have verified some names and other information from NC marriage records. It was necessary to make some assumptions in creating this list, which of course may not be correct in all cases, but we made every effort to ensure the correctness of the information presented.

If you have a site related to individuals on this list, please contact me and I'll be happy to make a link.

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1. Thomas Gilbert and Nancy (Gilbert)
2. David Green and Judy
3. James Gilbert and Margaret (Hall)
4. Rufus D. Hall and Nancy (Triplett)
5. John Gilbert and Eliza
6. William Dula and Lucinda (Pryor)
7. Susanna Pennel
8. Elvira Pennel
9. M. W. Walsh
10. Phillip Walsh and Elizabeth
11. James Hendrix and Martha (Dula), d/o William Buck Dula and Sarah Pogue
12. A. Milly Thornton
13. Wm. Pettigrew Witherspoon and Nancy (Montgomery)
14. Joseph Gilbert and Bedy (Hamby)
15. James McNiel and Fanny (Dula), d/o William McGuire Dula and Mary Ferguson
16. Thomas Kindall and Margaret (Peasley), d/o John Peasley
17. Thomas Hix (Hicks) and Matilda (Cox)
18. Cynthia (Peasley) Hawkins, widow of Joel Hawkins; d/o John Peasley
19. Isaac Vanderpool
20. William Tugman and Mary (Hawkins)
20. James F. Tugman and L. (Lemanda Hendrix)
21. Elizabeth (Russell?) Melton, widow of Henry Melton
22. Francis Melton and Mary Paulina Holden
23. Franky Holden
24. J. W. Kindall and Mary (Foster)
25. Sintha Dula
26. A. J. Walsh and Susanna
27. Thomas (David) Hall and Elmirah (Mira Holder)
28. William Triplett and Seline (Penley)
29. Edmond Dunn and Jane
30. William Hubbard and Susan
31. William Adkins and Sally
32. John Adkins and Mary
33. L. W.Adkins and Mary

Lewis Fork Township
34. Alfred Adkins and Martha
35. A. J. Gold and Celia
36. Alexander Bird and Jane
37. Anne Bird
38. Asa Hamby
39. A. D. Wall and Nancy
40. (George) Anderson Dula and Mary Eliza (Stennett)
41. Ephraim Davis and Susan (Dockery)
42. Jesse Watson and Celia A. (Selah Adeline Watson)
43. John Watson and Mary (Bishop)
44. William West and Nancy
45. Mary Watson and Lidia
46. Joel Cox and Nancy (Adkins)
47.Alvina Foster
48. Edmond Foster and Nancy J. (Jane Eller)
49. William (B.) Church and Sarah (Sally Lenderman)
50. Andrew Man and Sarah
51. James Sanders and Mary (Byers)
52. A. M. Foster (Alford Miller Foster) and Elizabeth (Foster) (cousins), d/o John William Foster and Ann Vannoy
53. Nimrod Triplett and Alvira (Laxton)
54. Henry Hamby and Elizabeth (West)
55. J. (John) W. Bowman and Jane Emeline Foster
56. J. (John) J. Foster and Sarah (Foster) (cousins), d/o John William Foster and Ann Vannoy
57. Aaron Sanders and Ava (Avy Foster)
58. Jeremiah Ferguson and Polly Louisa (McGee), d/o Bluford McGee and Mary Allison
59. J. T. Ferguson and Polly
60. Latt Green and Ann
61. Asa Triplett and Belinda (Elrod), d/o William Elrod and Elizabeth Lawrence

Elkville Township
62. William Elrod and Elizabeth
63. J. E. St. Clair and Charlotte
64. Josh Gilbert and Susan
65. Dianna (Holman) Triplett (m. Thomas Triplett, 1810)
66. E. K. Walsh and Elmira (Cox)

Wilkesboro Township
67. G. W. (George) Earp and Nancy (Marley)
68. Henry Marley and Jane
69. J. W. Ragsdale and Sarah A.
70. Martha Mosley
71. Rhoda (Hampton) Broyhill (m. James H. Broyhill, 1835)
72. Frances Hampton
73. Thomas Earp
74. Robert Thompson and Adeline

Warrior Creek Township
75. Ben Wilson and Susan
76. Thomas Earp and Ellender (Pearson)
77. William A. Broyhill and Ann (Earp)
78. Thomas Broyhill and Nancy
79. Elizabeth Laws and Rebecca
80. Ruth (Greer) Laxton (m. Wilson Laxton, 1848)
81. Josh Dowel and Dicy
82. Josh Greer and Nancy (Kerley)

Wilkesboro Township
83. William J. Pratt and Martha J.
84. John Greer and Frances (Frankey Kelby/Kilby)
85. John Marly, Sr. and Hannah (Barnes)
86. Samuel Pennel and Susan (Gilbert)
87. Juda Hix
88. Allen H. Hix and Martha J.
89. William G. Hix and Antiequa
90. Lawrence (Lewis) Lineback and Matilda (Holeman)
91. Rias Cruze and Milly
92. William L. Price and Martha (Roberson)
93. Phillip Price and Sarah
94. James Price and Rose Ann (Kilbey)
95. John Long and Rebecca
96. Lewis Smith and Mary (Lowe)
97. Caleb Low and Lydia
98. Ross McClain and Margaret
99. J. R. Laws and Elizabeth (Kilby)
100. James Hubbard and Matilda
101. Soloman Sloop and Susan
102. Rufus Land and Caroline
103. John Broyhill and Mary
104. William Brookshire and Matilda (Kilby)
105. William Clanton and Ellender (Lain)
106. Robert Barnet and Emeline
107. David Laws (m. Susan Clanton, 1825)
108. Mary Ragsdell
109. William Ragsdell and Mary Ann
110. Miles Stroud and Eliza
111. William Hubbard and Jane E. (Saner)
112. A. Allen and Belinda
113. Hubbard Brown and Nancy
114. George W. Brown and Permelia
115. Rufus Brown and Caroline
116. Richard Hix
117. William Bowles
112. Alexander Frazier/Fraser
119. Ben Russell, Jr. and Mariah
120. Jane Russell
121. G. W. Wattes (Watt) and Rebecca (Parsons)
122. James Welborn and Rebecca
123. Daniel Welborn and Susan (Deal)

Warrior Creek Township
124. Thomas Low and Susan
125. (Lewis) William Russel and Caroline (Earp)
126. Ben Russel and Sarah
127. Thomas Pearson and Agnes
128. William Pearson and Sarah (Hampton)
129. John Gibbs and Martha (Triplett)
130. Edmond Greer and Sarah Ann (Gibbs)
131. Margaret Gibbs
132. Nathan Satterwhite and Lucinda
133. J. F. Johnson and Sarah J.
134. (James) Barton Pearson and Diannah (Wright)
135. Martha Pearson
136. James Bryan and Jane E. (Laxton)
137. S. N. Shepherd and Sophrena (Barnes)
138. William Hood and Rebecca
139. Bufort Hood and Elizabeth
140. Burton Carlton and Nancy
141. Thomas Barlow and Elizabeth (Ferguson)
142. William Earp and Mary
143. James Earp and Madeline
144. Reuben Lott and Catherine
145. John Roberson and Julener (Eleaner Smithy)
146. Hamilton German and Martha
147. J. N. (James Harvey) Ferguson and Nancy (Nancy Minerva Howell)
148. Clarina Pearson
149. J. M. (John Milton) Ferguson and Amelia (Mathis)
150. Smith Ferguson (m. Sally Cox, 1821)
151. Samuel S. Ferguson and Lucy A. (Lucy Ann M. Roberts)
152. C. C. (Chapman Coffey) Ferguson and Mariah (Miriah Elizabeth Roberts)
153. John Barnes and Elizabeth
154. Lisly Wright
155. Sally Bradley
156. Nancy Roberts
157. J. M. Parsons and Mary
158. Ann Parsons
159. (R.) Calvin Swanson and Almira (Triplett)
160. James Swanson and Eliza
161. James Gilbert and Mary
162. Carson Carlton and Jane
163. John Barnet and Nelly
164. Livingston Carlton and Elizabeth (Triplett)
165. Braxton Roberts and Elizabeth
166. Thomas Parsons and Alcy (Roberts)
167. George Gilbert and Elvina (Parsons)
168. Willis McGinnis and Susan
169. Thomas Carlton and Rutha (Burch)
170. William Tugman and Elizabeth
171. George (W.) Walker and Eliza (Ferguson)
172. William Walker and Elizabeth
173. Rachel Hamby
174. Smith (F.) Walker and Senith (Seenor Elmirah Reid)
175. Bridget Fox
176. John Hamby and Sally
177. Margaret Walker
178. John Walker and Hiley (Swanson)
179. Charles Walker and Mary C. (Caroline Swanson)
180. Braxton Barlow and Charlotte (Carlton)
181. James McGinnis and Nancy
181. Ephriam McGinnis and Susan (Swanson)
182. Sally Swanson
183. Sally Williams
184. Samuel Hamby and Susan (Blankenship)
185. Robert Haise and Nancy (Noland)
186. Mary Wattes
187. Thomas Gibbs and Adaline (Howell)
188. J. A. (John Ashburn) Howell and Elizabeth (German)
189. Sally Watts
190. Caleb Earp and Mariah (Watts)
191. Ann Joiner
192. Isaac Walker and Sarah (Roberds/Roberts)
193. William Airs (Ayers) and Patsey (Hubbard)
194. Larkin Cardwell and Martha
195. Charles Carlton and Sarah Catherine (Saner)
196. William D. Phillips and Elizabeth (Sarah Elizabeth Triplett)
197. Smith Price and Sarah Ann
198. E. B. (Elisha Basdale) Phillips and Mary (Ferguson)
199. Elmira Laws
200. Andrew Shatley and Milly (Glass)
201. William Triplett and Ann (Waters)
202. Joel Triplett and Mary Adaline Gray

Lewis Fork Township
203. Thomas Walsh and Susan (Walsh)
204. Abner Tribble and Rachel (Walsh)
205. David Shell and Nelly (Ellender Walsh)
206. C. C. Whellin (Carson Wheeling) and Martha (Waters)
207. W. J. Miller and Mary
208. Narcissa Miller
209. Solomon Kees and Elizabeth (Waters)
210. Elizabeth Waters
211. John B. Ball and Elizabeth (Keys)
212. Thomas Land and Jane (Carlton)
213. Linville Land and Rhoda (Prophett)
214. Nancy (Aldridge) Miller
215. Calvin Carlton and Rebecca (Land)
216. Isom Cooper and Nancy (Moore)
217. George (Dumas) Moore and Amanda (Manda or Mandy Smith)
218. Rebecca Miller (nee Aldridge), widow of William Miller, Sr.
218. Joel Waters and Rebecca (Ferguson)

Elkville Township
219. Elijah Hendren and Priscilla
220. William Turnmire and Mary
221. Hugh Day and Patsy
222. William Nelson and Minerva (m. Missouri Simmons)
223. Ben Brown
224. Hugh Day and Mary (m. Polly Holder, 1825)
225. John Simmons and Jane
226. Isham Hendrix and Nancy
227. Wilson Hendrix and Margaret (West)
228. Thomas Hodges and Julcy
229. Micajah Hendrix and Eveline (Anna Eveline Dula)
230. Loving (Lowry) Hendrix and Alvina
231. Luke Hendrix and Frances (Triplett)
232. Larkin Pipes and Elizabeth
233. Jesse Pipes and Juley (Triplett)
234. John Day and Rebecca (m. Susanna Pipes, 1857)
235. Nancy Simmons
236. Hugh Simmons and Ann
237. C. W. Hendrix and Amelia (Milly Dula), William Beasley "Buck" Dula and Sarah Pogue
238. (James) Kelly Hendrix and Anna A. (Dula), d/o Harrison Dula and Cynthia Triplett
239. Hugh Minton and Malia
240. Franky Hendren
241. B. B. Walsh and Mariah
242. W. P. Hall and Mary (Pennell)
243. Priscilla Ferguson
243. William Dyer (m. Nancy Ferguson, 1840)
244. Elijah Dockery and Susan
245. Robert Hall and Betsy
246. Lewis Mesic and Mary
247. John Wood
248. Garland Airs and Matilda
249. William Presley and Mary
250. George Pearson and Mary

Warrier Creek Township
251. Amy Laws (m. John Laws, 1814)
252. Elizabeth Fox
253. Ausbon Laws and Elizabeth (Price)
254. John Price and Elizabeth
255. (Timethey L.) Lawson Laws and Margaret (Price)
256. Joseph Wood and Susan (Fletcher)
257. Hanry Hamby and Sina
258. Jesse Oliver
259. John (F.) Marley and Amelia (Milly Oliver)
260. Joseph Grogen and Eliza
261. W. S. Oliver and Nancy
262. John Price and Mary
263. Riley Price and Barbara
264. Elisha Marley and Mary
265. Asabil Grogen and Eliza
266. Nancy Laws
267. Anderson Sharp and Rebecca
268. William Russel and Minerva (Sharp)
269. Alfred Laws and Hannah (Lovett)
270. James Sharp and Mary Ann
271. J. H. Sharp and Minerva J.

Wilkesboro Township
272. M. L. Mickle and Nancy
273. Susan Lunesdon and Jane
274. James A. Parlier and Lucretia (Phillips)
275. Thomas Parlier and Levinia
276. Noah Parlier and Mary (Mary Elizabeth Parlier)
277. Isaac Parlier and Martha
278. John Hall and Mary
279. Levi Eller and Malinda
280. (Henry A. ) Alexander Eller and Eda (Grimes)
281. Larkin Joines and Franky
282. Hamilton Joines and (Nancy J.) Jane (Clanton)
283. Poindexter Joines and Matilda
284. Hugh Joines and Susan (Barker)
285. William Baker (Barker) and Caroline (M. C. Davis)
286. John Smith and Rosa
287. Lucy Gilreath, widow of Hilliar H. Gilreath (m. abt. 1830)
288. Joel Beck and Mary
289. Green Canter and Martha
290. Lucrecia Eller
291. Gideon Smoot and (Elizabeth) Rachel (Gambill)
292. Hugh Gilbreath and Elizabeth
293. Daniel Leach and Rebecca
294. James Canter and Christina
295. Rachel McDaniel
296. Rachel Duncan
297. Mariah Eller and Mahaly
298. Anna Eller
299. Isaac Harris and Sally
300. Chapman Dunkin (Duncan) and Elizabeth Elvira (Kessler), d/o George Kessler and Christina Eller
301. Delphy Atkinson
302. Elizabeth Canter
303. Richard Anderson and Millia
304. Daniel Wilcox and Selina (Adkinson)
305. William Canter and Hedey (Steelman)
306. Johnson Hampton and Adaline
307. A. Longbottom and Mary
308. Jonathan Canter and Nelia (Amelia Steelman)
309. Stephen Gentle (m. Dolly Maston, 1815)
310. Henry (Harvey) Smithey and Martha (Laws)
311. Emanuel Cranor and Catherine E.
312. Tilman Wade and Emily
313. W. H. Sneed and Bell V.
314. Peter Lomax and America
315. Hamilton Johnson and Mary
316. B. C. Gilreath
317. A. H. Lovette and Elizabeth
318. James Calloway and Anny (Annie P. Yeakle)
319. John Finley
320. Hyram Privett and Caroline (Yeats)
321. C. R. Simpson and E. J.
322. John Noah and Martha
323. Zeb Lundy
325. Isaac C. Call and Martha C. (Mastin)
326. C. J. Cowles and Martha (Duvall)
327. Mary L. Hall
328. A. L. Gray and Nancy
329. Elizabeth Laxton
330. J. F. Hamilton and Susan B.
331. Harrison Powers and Martha
332. Montgomery Welborn and Nancy
333. Samuel Steelman and Ann
334. Joshua Steelman and Perliner
335. Thomas Welborn and Mary A.
336. Sarah Welborn
337. J. W. Hackett and Sarah E. (Stokes)
338. Samuel Curtis and Eveline (Alpha E. Church)
339. Joel (L.) Church and Margaret (Edmoston)
340. Calvin A. Church and Mary (Newnicy?/Nancy) (Edmiston/Edmoston)
341. Lee Minton
342. John Hinson and Anna
343. Calvin Church and Susan (Curtis)
344. Michael Williams and Evon
345. Hugh Bolin (did not marry)
346. James Mesick and Mary (Triplett)
347. Rebecca (Watson) Hamby m. Reubein Hamby, 1847)
348. Jacob Williams
349. John J. Triplett and Susanna (Gilbreath), d/o William Gilreath
350. Joel Hamby
351. Thomas Laws and Elizabeth
352. Nezan Watts and Nancy (Ragsdale)
353. Thomas Triplett and Theodocia (Carolyn Dula)

354. Rhoda Stags
355. J. F. Ferguson and Nelly
356. William Leander Horton and Fatima (Corpening), d/o Jacob Corpening and Elizabeth Whitening
357. Joel H. Brown and Elizabeth
358. (Bennett) B. J. Dula and Minerva Adaline (Brown)
359. Charles Hix and Charlotte
360. Elisha Cox and Orilla
361. Nathan Triplett and Rebecca
362. Elizabeth Gilreath
363. Joseph Revis and Elizabeth Axom
364. John Parlier and Mary (Elizabeth Gilreath, m. 1854)
365. Thornton Brown and Mary (Lane)
366. John Adams and Evaline (Nance)
367. Elijah Davis and Anna
368. A. Harold Hays and Genette (Marlow), d/o Phineas Marlow and Annis Cook; s/o Henry Horn Hayes
369. Hix Hendren Elizabeth
370. Stephen Hendren and Mary "Polly" (Cook)
371. E. E. Hendren and Ruphinae
372. Enson Hendren and Charlotte
373. James Harrison Hays and Elizabeth (Estep)
374. Jabes Hendren and Nancy
375. James Barnett and Margaret (Call) (m. 1855)
376. Rebecca (Becky Shin) Parlier (m. Johnathan Parlier, 1811)
377. William Mathers and Elizabeth
378. Nancy (Smoot) Vicus, widow of Charles Vickers
379. John Parker and Vicy Vickers
380. Elizabeth Houck
381. Elizabeth Holloway and Sarah
382. Thomas Lane and Matilda
383. Elizabeth (Crisley) Lane (m. Thomas Lane, 1813)
384. R. H. Johnson and Harriette
385. Sirus Queen and Martha
386. J. M. Davis and Jane
387. Sarah Parlier (Sarah C. Ellis) (m. Wm. R. Parler, 1844)
388. Elijah Davis, Jr. and Lucretia
389. James W. Parlier and Phebe
390. (George W.) Wesley Parlier and Mary (Cook) (m. 1856)
391. (James H.) Harvey Marlow and Rebecca (Laws)
392. Shadrick "Shade" Nance and Mary "Polly" (Dillingham)
393. Ezekiel Eades
394. Mima Robertson
395. Martin Wallace and Anna (Roberson)
396. John Walis and Elizabeth (Clanton)
397.J. P. C. Davis and Martha
398. Alexander Gilreath, Jr. and Sarah (Perlier)
399. John Smith and Rebecca
400. James Smith and Elizabeth
401. Joshua Laws and Carolina (Caddy Caroline) Lane
402. Bentley Laws and Milly
403. Ben Kilby and Emily (Kilby)
404. William Tedder
405. Lucinda (Hubbard) Low (m. Joshua Lowe, 1818)
406. (Benjamin W.) Ben Marley and Franky (Frances Lawes)
407. Joseph Hudson and Elizabeth

Lewis Fork Township
408. William Fairchild and Martha (Martha L. Mead McGee)
409. Alexander Church and Martha A.
410. Winborn Minton and Mirah (Lemira Church)
411. William Crane and Martha ("Polly" Bullison)
412. George Minton and Rebecca (Church) (m. 1814)
413. Isaac Minton
414. William Calvin Milam and Tabetha (Bunton)
415. Ben Milam
414. (William) Calvin Milam and Tabetha (Bunton, m. 1855)
415. Ben Milam and Ameilia (Milly Parsons)

Wilkesboro Township
416. Joel H. Roberts and Martha (Holder)
417. James H. Handy and Sarah
418. John Garris and Susan
419. Caleb Minton and Elizabeth (Green)
420. Thomas C. Milam and Emeline (Eveline Hinton -- Minton?)
421. Rebecca Milam
422. Mary Milam
423. (Madison) Mattason Minton and Millie (Minton)
424. Alexander Church and Nancy M.
425. John Holder and Mandy (Nichols)
426. William Holder and Charity (Church)
427. Allen W. Church and Caroline
427. Nancy (Mitchell) Church (m. Allen Church, 1819)
428. Andrew Cox and Nancy (Adams)
429. Adam Milam and Matilda (Foster)
430. Gabriel Church and Ann
431.Vicy (Minton) Church (m. Amos Church, Jr. 1834)
432. Jesse (C.) Summerlin and Mary (Hamby)
433. (James S.) Byers and Emily Summerlin (m. 1852)
434. Thomas H. Foster and Martha Jane (Church)
435. Mary Foster
436. R. B. (Robert) Foster and Mary (Church)
437. John Parsons
438. James Parsons and Masia (Massey Church)
439. Elizabeth Parsons
440. Anderson Laws and Elizabeth
441. Rufus (M.) Foster and Adaline (Rachel A. Church)
442. Mary Adams
443. Nancy Hamby
444. Tate Foster and Martha Ann
445. Ben (N.) Hamby and Martha Jane (Minton) (m. 1856)
446. Rufus Roberts and Sintha
447. Elijah Church and Ann (Blanton) (m. 1815)
448. Hamilton (B.) Church and Anna (Joines)
449. Henry Bumgarner and Milly (Ameilia Church)
450. James Edminston (Edmisten) and Elender (Minton)
451. Aldred Minton and Betty (Bethena Eller) (m. 1848)
452. Jesse Minton and Adelade (Ally A. Church)
453. Sidney Milam and Rebecca
454. Amos Church and Ally (Alice Billings) (m. 1820)
455. Edmond Joines and Elizabeth
456. Ishmel Walker and Elizabeth
457. Michael Bumgarnder and Elizabeth (Betsey Church) (m. 1813)
458. L. M. Mills and Rebecca
459. Hilda Martin and Sally
460. John Bumgarner and Emeline (Church)
461. James Nichols and Martha J.
462. Elizabeth Beam
463. J. B. Nichols and Mary Ann (McKee)
464. Mary Parsons
465. Isiah Martin and Fanny
466. Jason Milam and Martha
467. Thomas (J.) Church and Mary (Bumgarnder)
468. Amos Bumgarner and Matilda (Church)
469. Rufus Collker and Sebanna
470. Ben Collker and Nancy
471. James Would (Wood) and Mary (Love)
472. William Lane and Amanda (Walker)
473. George Hincer and Mary W.
474. James Crisle (Crysel) and Elizabeth Sparks
475. Henry Stultz and Magdaline
476. William Rash and Marth (Margaret Kilby)
477. Samuel Horton and Jane
478. Artur Forester and Sarah (Musgrove)
478. Mary (Tilley) Musgrove (m. William Forrester, 1816)
479. (John) Alfred Forester and Isabella (Hammond)
480. John Crisle and Nancy G. (Lane) (m. 1813)
481. Jeremiah Crisle
482. Dudley Crowder and Locky
483. William Barber and A. L.
484. A. W. (Augustus William) Finley and Martha (Martha L. Gordon) (m. 1842)
485. John Shaver
486. Jordan Shaver and Mary
487. James Tedder and Martha
488. Gabriel Denny and Betsy
489. Isham Dancy and Rachel (Church)
490. Ezekial Absher and Elizabeth (Brown) (m. 1833)
491. Daniel Jennings and Rebecca

Haymeadow Township
492. Daniel M. Hall m.(Fanny) Emeline (Abshire)
493. T. L. Absher
494. Calvine Adams and Mary
495. (Elder) William (P.) Hall m. Mary Land (m. 1859)
495. Mariah (Hammon) Hall (widow of Robert Hall)
496. Jacob Adams
497. J. A. Adams
498. E. Brown, Jr. and Susan
499. Willlis (Wiley) Adams and Rosanna (Huffman)
500. Jacob Dillard and Sarah
501. John Adams and Mary
502. John Wingerl and Catherine
503. Vickery Wyatt and Sarah (Jennings)
504. William Jennings and Mary Ann (Dancy)
505. Patrick McGrady and Susanna (Owins/Owens)
506. Mason Brown and Susanna (Vannoy)
507. Sally Higgins
508. Zac Roberts and Nancy Absher
509. J. C. Hall and Margaret (Richardson)
510. William Absher and Mary
511. John Whittington and Frances
512. Aaron Wyatt (m. Mary Vannoy, 1835)

Reddies River Township
513. Vickery Wyatt and Mary (Owens)
514. Henry Adams and Nancy (Wyatt)
515. David Wyatt and Milly (Amelia Wingler)
516. (Joseph) Hayden Rash and Mary (Church)
517. Henry Perry and Mary (Mary Wagoner Royall, widow of John Royall)
518. J. G. (John) Wyatt and Mary (Brown)
519. Franklin Royal and Jane
520. Wesley Adams and Elizabeth
521. Harrison Adams and Susan (Adams)
522. Jesse Ellis and Caroline
523. Daniel Bumgarner (m. Elizabeth McNiel, 1837)
524. James Mitchel and Martha
525. Thornton Kilby and Sarah (Yeats)
526. Michael Miller and Milia (Millie Bare)
527. Vickery Adams and Charity (Jennings)
528. J. A. (Jordan Ashley) Shepherd and Susan (Hall)
529. James Wagoner and Nancy
530. Asey Coffee and Malinda
531. Owen Meremon
532. Henry McDaniel and Harriett (McNeil)
533. Jesse Wyatt
534. J. W. Tulbert and Mary M.
535. A. A. Whittington and Mary
526. Aaron Beshears and Aley
537. J. S. Dockery and Delphia (Roberds/Roberts)
538. James Eller and Mary Ann (Carlton)
539. John Hall and Martha (Shumate)
540. David Robertson (m. Temperance Presley, 1818)
541. Walter Robertson and Nancy
542. J. W. Nichols and Nancy
543. J. B. Miller
544. Elisha Welborn and Margaret
545. M. Chatman (Martin Cheatham) and Elizabeth (Cass)
546. Hamilton Brown and Sarah (Gwynn Gordon)
547. A. S. Croson and Nancy
548. Ameilia Eliza (Martin) Cleveland, d/o Benjamin Martin and Diana Harrison (m. John Cleveland, 1805)
549. Esley Staley and Martha Matilda A. Cleveland, d/o John Harrison Cleveland and Amelia Eliza Martin
550. J. W. Felts and Martha (Woodruff)
551. W. W. Adams and Abigail
552. John Hudson and Sarah
553. Luke Jennings and Elizabeth
555. William Minton and Hannah (Summerlin)
556. Abraham Minton and Charlotte (m. Phebe Phillips, 1859)
557. Elijah Wallace and Anne
558. R. W. Brock and Elizabeth
559. Pickins Carlton and Martha M.
560. James Whittington and Mary (Polly Lenderman)
561. James Sidney Huffman and Mary Anna (Whittington)
562. John McNiel and Rachel (Eller)
563. L. (Lovelace) Minton and Susan (Summerlin)
564. D. F. Franklin and Margaret
565. John Joines and Elvira (Broyhill)
566. Abraham Nichols and Catherine (Eller)
567. Thomas Kilby and Elizabeth
568. John W. Kilby and Martha (Wilcoxson)
569. Elijah Nichols and Sarah Ann (Nicholds/Nichols)
570. S. S. (Sherrod Simms) Howell and Elizabeth (Ferguson)
571. W. B. Nichols and Cynthia (Roberson)
572. Allen Denny and Mary M.
573. Mary (Shumate) Fletcher (widow of Enoch Fletcher)
574. Elzy Reynolds
575. Dibby Bass
576. Elizabeth Holoway
577. John Evans and Dilly
578. James Harris and Martha
579. Wesley Harris and Mary
580. Hezekiah Curtis and Sealia
581. John Pennel and Susan
582. Henry Penel and Rachel
583. Elizabeth Hayes
584. Isaac Ferguson and Clarissa (Wadkins)
585. William Ferguson
586. Martha Bullis
587. J. B. Bullis (Bulison) and Martha (Huffman)
588. Henry Holder and Sarah
589. Larkin McClain and Sarah
590. J. (James) L. Bumgarner and Phebe (Hinchey)
591. John Bullis and Mary (Polly Bumgarner)
592. Stephen Bumgarner and Rebecca (Nicholds/Nichols)
593. A. J. Johnson and Nancy Ann
594. Nancy A. Kilby
595. Alfred Parsons and Elizabeth
597. Jesse Minton, Sr. and Mary
598. J. W. (John Wesley) Nichols and Frances (Rash)
599. Frances (Kilby) Rash (widow of Thomas Rash)
600. Wm. C. Wilcoxen and Mirah (Robins)
601. Thomas Davis and Martha
602. J. A. McNiel and Susan (Taylor)
603. John Rash and Tabitha (Bullis)

Parlier's CreekTownship
604. Samuel Revis
604. Jonathan Cranfield and Sarah
605. Samuel Revis and Mary
606. John (T.) Edminston and Matilda (Minton) (m. 1843)
607. Alfred (M.) Davis and Malinda (Matilda Nichols) (m. 1853)
608. Jesse Whittington and Sally
609. Harrison Church and Mary E.
510. W. S. McNiel and Mary (Wilcoxson)
511. Susan Nichols
512. Jesse Nichols and Susan
613. John Bishop and Eliza Ann
614. Henry Evans and Sarah
615. W. A. McNiel and Sarah
616. John Taylor and Catherine (Osbern) (m. 1822)

Reddies River Township
617. Joseph Bumgarner
617. Lucinda Bumgarner
618. J. A. Nichols
619. W. (Willie) E. Bumgarner and Louisa (Lewiza Hines)
621. Martin Faw and Matilda (Nancy Matilda Kilby)
623. Absolum Bullis and Matilda
624. James (H.) Taylor and Rebecca (McNeill)
625. James McNiel and Mary
626. William McNiel and Mariah
627. Robert Yates and Jerusha
628. George McGlamery and Sarah
629. Jesse McGlamery and Ann M.
630 Abraham Bishop and Nancy
631. Martin McGlamery and Mary
632. W. H. (or N) McNiel and Sally (Killy/Kilby)
633. J.(Jesse) F. Church and Adalade (Sarah Adelaide Miller)
634. Griffin Summerline and Martha (Patsey Cleveland) (m. 1813)
635. B. F. Eller and Mary Ann (Brookshire)
636. Jonathan Stout and Rachel (Eller)
637. John Yates and Mirah
638. Peter Eller
639. Andrew (Anderson) Vannoy and Matha (Wheeler)
640. Jesse Vannoy and Mary (Polly Shepherd) (m. 1804)
641. David Huffman and Sebe (Zibby Bullous/Bullis)
642. Jacob Huffman and Emeline
643. William (L.) Walsh and Rebecca (Rebecca L. McGee)
644. Peter Eller and Manda Ann
645. Columbus (H. C.) Miller and Mary Jane (Bennet)
646. Alfred Minton and Bethania (Eller)
647. (Abram) Rufus Minton and Phebe (Phillips)
648. Gabriel Church ad Mary (Brown)
649. Isaac Brown and Jemima
650. Alfred Summerlin and Mariah (Speck)
651. Miles Summerlin and Sarah
652. Franklin McNiel and Rebecca
653. Abijah Fairchild (m. Catherine Cannoy/Vannoy, 1831)
654. John Bishop and Elizabeth
655. J. W. Hase (Hayes) and Ann
656. J. G. McNiel and Mary (Polly Nichols)
657. Thomas McNiel and Jane

Job's Cabin Township
658. John Church, Sr. and Sarah (Salley Billings)
659. James Watson and Rachel (Powel/Powell)
660. John Powell and Mary (Biship/Bishop) (m. 1823)
661. Lemuel Watson and Rhoda (Powel/Powell)
662. Martin Parsons and Elizabeth (McNiel)
663. H. Lenderman and Mary
664. Miles Watson and Elizabeth
665. George Parsons and Livia (Belinda Farechild)
666. Montgomery Cox and Elizabeth (Lipps)
667. John Keese and Sally (Keller)
668. Elijah Phillips and Matilda
669. Jordan Church and Malinda (Malindy Payne) (m. 1852)
670. W. (William) W. Payne and Rebecca (Tugman)
671. Thomas Parsons and Elizabeth (Dyer)
672. Edward Griffey and Sarah
673. George Payne (m. Ann Fugett, 1779)
674. Jesse Brown
675. W. K. Vannoy and Matilda (Wheeler)
676. Green Powell and Nancy
677. (Alfred) Benton Payne and Martha (Vannoy)
678. Presley Shepherd
679. A. J. Blackburn and Franny
678. Henry Mayberry and Susan
681. Joseph Waters and Melinda (Beshears)
682. Hyram Church and Martha (Martha J. Payne)
683. C. (Columbus A.) Crysel and Mary (Mary Eveline Walker)
684. Riley Handy and Sinthia
685. Melinda Green
686. John Waters and Elizabeth (Mary Elizabeth Philips)
687. John Whittington and Sarah Caroline (Lenderman)
688. Hugh Phillips and Caroline (Farechilds)
689. Fred Mikel and Louisa
690. John Church and Mary
691. Elijah Church and Matilda
692. William N. Pearce and Millie
693. John Church and Selia
694. Joel Church and Rhoda (Rhody Catherine Pain/Payne)
695. (John) William Lenderman and Dianna (Forrester)
696. J. G. (F.) Norris and Selena (Triplett)
697. John Parsons and Mary (Polly McNiel)
698. John Goforth and Elizabeth (Kendall), d/o James Benjamin Kendall and Mary Dula
699. James Holman and Rachel
700. Wesley Hamby and Sarah (Crows/Crews)

Lewis Fork Township
701. Eli Baker and Matilda
702. Wilson Fairchild and Elizabeth
703. Abraham Vannoy and Alia (Aley Eller)
704. Enoch Triplett and Nancy
705. Riley Norris and Alliza
705. Charlotte (Holeman) Norris (m. Jesse Norris, 1830)
706. Larkin Walsh and (Mary Phillips)
707. Ben Blackburn and Sintha
708. John J. Ball and Nancy
709. (John) J. A. Eller and Bethany (Fairchild)
710. James S. Hamby and Sally
711. J. W. West and Catherine (West)
712. E. D. Simmons and Jane
713. Thomas Walsh and Elizabeth (Walsh)
714. Shadrack Grear and Louisa
715. (Turner Calvin) L. Calvin Walsh and Fanny (Fanny L. Norris)
716. E. W. Dockery and Eveline (Goforth)
717. Franklin Summerlin
718. Ambros Triplett and Harriett (Secrese)
719. John R. Carlton and Franky (Francis Gold)
720. Rebecca Gold
721. James German and Nancy (McGinnis)

Elkin Township
722. Nathan Horton
723. William McGuire Dula and Mary (Ferguson) Dula, d/o Thomas Ferguson, Sr., and Edith Foster
724. Larkin Matherly and Kiziah
725. James Matherly and Cresa
726. Franklin West and Cynthia (Holder)
727. William S. McGee and Elizabeth
728. Elizabeth German
729. John Pilkerton
730. Lansey Ferguson and Lesrah L.
731. (James) J. C. Horton and Sarah L. (Dickson)
732. Catherine German
733. William Brookshire and Nancy
734. Jefferson Dula and Alley (McGee), d/o Bluford McGee and Mary Allison
735. Noah ?? and Louisa Ann
736. Franklin McGee and Ann
737. William Pennell and Minerva (Carlton)

Warrior Creek Township
738. (J. C.) Larkin Barlow and Susan (Pennell)
739. (J. Madison) Mat Livingston and Nancy (Lee)
740. Jonathan Land and Margaret (Mooney)
741. L. R. D. Walker and Caroline
742. John Smith and Sara
743. Thomas Earp and Sarah
744. William Parsons and Dorcus (Russer/Russell)
745. Dreway McGee and Margaret
746. Hort Green and Mary
747. Eli Joines
748. Spencer Fletcher and Arthena (Theney Carter)
749. B. Fletcher and Barbara
750. (James) Henry Foster and Luranny (Eller)
751. George Wyatt and Mary (Jinings/Jennings)
752. Michael Hinceher (Hinchy) and Elizabeth Adams
753. J. J. Brown and Sarah
754. (William) Patterson Hincher (Hinchey) and Mary (Adams)
755. James Tinsley and Sarah (Rhodes)
756. David Tinsley and Nancy (Kilby)
757. Solomon Rhodes and Fanny (Frances Adams)
758. Jesse Bailey
759. Jesse Bailey Jr. and Lucy
760. Alex Bailey and Susan
761. Hyram Higgins and Nancy
762. John Hall and Nancy (Stamper)
763. Jesse Hayes and Sarah
764. Isaac Burchette
765. Elijah Brown and Wilmoth
766. Presley Brown and Rachel (Kilby)
767. John Barlow and Nancy (Kilby)
768. W. W. (Welborn) Adams and Abigail (Abba Adams)
769. Wesley Brown and Letty (Ginness) (Jennings?)
770. Jane (Absher) Darnell (m. John Darnal, 1849)
771. Thornton Brown and Effie (Hall)
772. John Brown and Mary
773. Sidney Reaves and Margaret
774. Joseph (H.) Dancy and Fanny (Harriett Wilcoxson)
775. John Hanes and Sarah
776. Sarah Hanes

Reddies River Township
776. Caleb Church and Mary
777. John Owens and Hiley
778. John M. Bingham and Permelia A.
779. J. M. Dancy and Susan (Brown)
780. William Brown
781. Nancy Church
782. William Church and Martha
783. Jackson Church
784. Leanner Adams
785. Joseph Lee
786. Charles Lee and Susan
787. W. W. Wyatt and Lucinda
788. J. J. Brown and Elizabeth
789. Hardin Hutchinson/Hutcherson and Elizabeth (Hall)
790. Mary Owens
791. Tobias Long and Susan
792. Franklin Owens
793. (James) Calvin Rash and Rebecca (Brown)
794. David Wyatt and Martha
795. John Wyatt and Malinda (Matilda Rash)
796. Isham Perry and Mary
797. Lewis Shepherd and Rebecca (Jennings)
798. Lenard Howell and Susan (Luzanna Wingler)
799. Elijah Wingler and Elizabeth (Wingler), d/o Humphrey Wingler
800. Leonard Wingler and Susan (Woodie)
801. Isham Wingler and Lucy (Wyatt)
802. Jacob Wingler and Catherine ("Katey" Mash)
803. William Mash
804. Andy (Andrew) Sheets and Catherine (Bare)
805. Renlard (Rhinehard) Wingler and Amelia (Millie Sheets)
806. Francis Wingler and Tempy (Dancy)
807. Eltany Sheets
808. Humphrey Wingler and Mary (Bare)
809. Obediah Dancy and Elizabeth ("Betsy" Martin)
810. L. B. Jenkins and Fanny (Fances Vickers)
811. (Abraham Benjamin) Ben Kilby and Naomi (Dancy)
812. Lenvill Barlow and Selina Ann
813. William Woody and Phebe (Abshire)
813. Elizabeth Wheatley
814. James Shepherd and Susan (Dancy) (m. 1842)
815. Joseph Miller and Elizabeth
816. (John) J. R. Pearce and Sarah (Shepherd)
817. James Gilliam and Silvia
818. J. (Joshua) T. Coffey and Rebecca (Shepherd)
819. James Parsons and Sarah
820. W. L. Bumgarnder and Elizabeth
821. Tarlton Wilson and Anna
822. Jackson Seavers and Caroline
823. David Bumgarnder and Clarissa (Miller)
824. George McNiel and Susan (Vannoy)
825. Absalom Eller and Sarah (Reynolds)
826. William Proffit and Mary (Walsh)
827. Phebe Goforth
828. Akilles Foster and Delphia (Rose)
829. Sidney Summerlin and Susan
830. William Keller and Barbara (Blackburn)
831. Holland McGee and Nancy (Wright)

Elkville Township
832. George Eller
833. Franklin McGee and Matilda
834. Hugh Hamby and Elizabeth (Hutson)
835. Smith Cox and Malinda (West)
836. William Church, Jr. and Rebecca (Welch)
837. P. (Presley) D. Summerlin and Mariah (Pennell)

Lewis Fork Township
838. Martin Summerlin and Mehala (Keller)
839. Jesse Riddle and Mary
840. Elizabeth (Church) Yates (m. David Yeates, 1847)
841. Rufus Denny and Mary
842. J. W. Ratliff and Jennetta
843. George A. Russel and Elizabeth
844. Jesse (F.) Eller and Mary Ann (Laxton)
845. William Crain and Mary (Polly Bullison)

Parlier's Creek Township
846. John Cooper and Mary Ann
847. A. Dillon and Elvira
848. Mary Eller, widow of Jacob Eller
849. William Eller and Sally
850. Leonard Miller and Elizabeth (Church)
851. Alexander Miller and Mary (McNiel)
852. Daniel Bumgarner and Adam

Wilkesboro Township
853. Henry Bumgarner and Appeline
854. Sarah Yates
855. Eldridge Smith
856. Seth Osborn
857. (James) J. H. McNiel and Susan (McNiel)
858. William Hincher/Hinchy and Charlotte
859. Sarah Whittington
860. Sintha Bingham
861. Lucy Reaves
862. Hyram Reaves and Rachel Handy (Hamby?)
863. Howell Reaves and Nancy (Wyatt)
864. Solomon Wyatt and Sally
865. Abraham Dancy and Sarah Ann (Brown) (m. 1845)
866. Welborn Wyatt and Leanner
867. John Regan and Charlotte
868. Thomas Barlow and Sarah (Kilby)
869. Elizabeth (Barlow) Kilby (m. Reuben W. Kilby)
870. Elijah Adkins
871. Theopholis Woody and Mira
872. William Holbrook and Susan (Woody)

Reddies River Township
873. Catherine (Gambill) Vannoy (m. John Vannoy, Jr.)
874. John Dancy (m. Rachel Johnson, 1816)
875. Polly Harless
876. Lindsey Brown and Elizabeth
877. Aaron Bolin and Jane
878. Solomon Bolin
879. Joseph Tirey and Martha
880. Adam Spears and Jane
881. Michal Parsons and Jane
882. William Parsons and Sally
883. John Shelly and Deborah
884. Duncan Camel (Carmichael?) and Mary
885. Jane Colvard
886. Jesse Colvard and Martha
887. James Bass and Fanny
888. Enoch Vannoy and Nancy
889. William Craven and Mary
890. Markus Valentine and Elizabeth
891. Neal Vannoy and Emily (C.) (Whittington)
892. (James) Harvey Vannoy and Mira (Whittington)
893. Vina Jenkins
894. Wade (H.) Colvard and Phebe (Vannoy)
895. Aly (Irwin) Shepherd (m. Larkin Shepherd)
896. Joseph Lane and Mary (Polly Ann Mitchell)
897. Lewis Barker and Charity (Laws)
898. William Whittington and Ann
899. Absolum Faw and Caroline Whittington
900. Thomas Whittington and Elizabeth J. (Elizabeth Jane Faw)
901. Perry Canter and Nancy
902. Richard Whittington and Martha
903. William Richard Whittington and America (Eller)
904. A. G. Whittington and Susan (Vannoy)
905. Adam Staley and Nancy (Kilby)
906.Lewis Mock and Mary (Denny)
907.Montgomery Eller and Anny
908. Daniel Houck
910. B. Calloway and Harriet E.
911. Abendego Valentine and Pricilla
912. J. P. Wilbur and Rachel
913. David Glass and Eliza
914. Alex Tideline and Mary
915. Jackson Shelly and Catherine
916. Richard Pilkenton and Rebecca Hadley
917. C. J. McClure and Margaret Ann
917. Margaret Fletcher
918. Nancy Parsons
919. John Phillips and Mary
920. George Phillips and Nancy (Powel)
921. James Ashley and Nancy
922. Martha Tirey
923. Margaret Tirey
924. William Blackburn and Sarah (McNiel)
924.Thomas McNiel and Hannah (Parsons)

Job's Cabin Township
925. Phillip Owens
926. Larkin Owens and Tempy
927. Mary Owens
928. Ben Owens
929. Martha Mitchel
930. William Owens and Jane
931. Patton Parsons and Ann (Angenette Pilkington)
932. Eli Phillips and Matilda (Vyres) (Ayres?)
933. McAlphin Walsh and Rebecca (Profit)
934. Nancy Ball
935. Mathis Eller and Franky
936. Jesse Miller and Elizabeth (Proffitt)
937. George McNiel and Lavincy (Triplett)
938. Lewis Hill
939. John Lipps and Martha (Church)
940. Martin Lipps and Eady (Holmon)
941. Daniel Watson and Elizabeth (Bishop)
942. Franklin Hamby and Mary (Lewis)
943. Nancy Lewis
944. Wesley Pilkenton and Louisa (Yates)
945. William Pearce and Nancy (Bow)
946. Winston Church and Sally (Kees/Keys)
947. W. H. Phillips and Caroline (Lenderman)
948. John Keys, Jr. and Carolina (Phillips)
949. Nancy (Keys) Stephens (m. Andrew Stephens, 1847)
950. William Walker
951. Jordan Church, Jr. and Melinda (Payne)
952. Gabriel Church and Sally
953. Daniel Bentley and Polly
954. Howard Church
955. Sintha Hatten
956. Mary Church
957. Rebecca (Blanton) Laws (m. Jesse Laws)
958. Ready Mitchell
959.Jesse Laws (m. Rebecca Blanton)
960. W. W. Waters and Martha
961. Hugh Yates, Sr.
962. Hugh Yates, Jr. (m. Sarah Miller, 1840)
963. Lucinda Bradley
964. John W. Church and Nancy (Nancy Jane Tomlinson)
965. Wesley (R.) Fletcher and Mary (Vannoy)
966. Enoch McNiel and Elizabeth
967. Salley Benton
968. (Joseph) Asberry Hudson (Hutson) and Mary (Goforth)
969. Prudence (Howard) Calloway (m. Cary Calloway)
970. J. H. Thomson and Elizabeth
971. Alexander Mitchell and Mary
972. Thomas Hamby and Mary (Hutson)
973. Samuel Walsh and Mary (Profit)
974. Thomas M. Dula and Ann (Triplett)
975. Justus Davis and Mary (Germon/German)
976. James Andre and Jane

Elkville Township
977. William Barnes, Sr. and Margaret
978. William Barnes and Minerva
979. Nancy Hill
980. George Andre and Sarah Ann
981. Harrison Mooney and Elizabeth
982. Thomas Knight and Lucy (Stanton) (m. 1799)
983. John Knight and Franky (Land)
984. William Maltby and Nancy (Land)
985. David Land and Rebecca
985. Eady (Livingston) Land (m. James Land, 1807)
986. A. J. (Jackson) Dyson and Milla (Amelia Maltba)
987. James Land and Jane (Murphy)
988. Thomas Malthy (Maltba) and Sinthia (Land)
989. Molly (Mary Dyson) (m. John Dyson, Sr.)
990. Samuel Pope and Elizabeth
991. Albert Carlton and Elizabeth
992. Thomas Carlton and Matilda (Triplett)
993. Larkin McNiel and Elender (Ferguson)
994. Lotty Triplett (known as Lotty Foster)
995. Mary (Keaton) Dula (m. Thomas P. Dula
996. Nancy Yates
997. Thomas Kendall
998. Thomas Cox and Mahalia
999. Granville Joines

1000. (Jesse) Franklin Joines and Sarah (Thompson)
1002. John Parleir and Irena (Triplett)
1003. William Parlier and Jane

Wilkesboro Township
1004. R. (Richard) Reece (Reeves) and Mary (Bishop)
1005. James Ayers and Mary
1006. Joel Triplett and Rebecca (Gilreath)
1007. Wesley Goforth and Berilla (Johnson)
1008. Samuel Pryor and Theresa
1009. Colvert Sherrel
1010. Nancy Cassell

Parlier's Creek Township
1011. Thomas Holman and Amelia (Goforth)
1012. Jesse Yates and Caroline (Eller)
1013. Samuel Cooper and Ellen (Shelly) (m. 1850)
1014. Thomas J. Brown and Mirah (Jennings)
1015. William Brown
1016. Caroline Church
1017. Barnett Griffy and Elizabeth Cardwell
1018. Alfred McNiel and Matilda (Frances Matilda Vannoy)
1019. Dogins Kilby and Nancy
1020. Anderson Eller and Elvira (Alley McNiel)
1021. (Elbert) Morrison McGlamery and Delphia (Eller)
1022. Elizabeth Eller
1023. S. (Susannah Eller ) McGlamery (m. David McGlamery)
1024. David Eller and Mary (McNiel)
1025. Nancy Eller
1026. Elbert Bishop and Martha
1027. Nancy (Bullis) Nichols (m. Joseph Nichols, 1824)
1028. John Nichols and Clarissa (Clarissa Harlow Bishop)
1029. J. W. Nichols and Lodemia
1030. Ben Bullis and Almirah
1031. Jane Bullis
1032. Ben Bullis, Sr. and Elizabeth (Griffey)
1033. J. (James) B. Church and Mirah (Mary M. Bullis)
1034. Mary Giffey
1035. Mary (Eller) Church, widow of Alexander Church
1036. John Nichols and Elizabeth (Nichols)

Wilkesboro Township
1037. John Wright and Mary
1038. (James) Sidney Bullis and Violet (Nichols)
1039. Enoch Cooper and Caroline McGlenny
1040. Rachel (Montgomery) Stokes (m. Montfort Stokes, Gov. of NC)
1041. S. M. Stokes and Sarah (Sallie E. Triplett)
1042. R. F. Hackett and C. L.
1043. John (C.) Owens and Susan (Winkler)
1044. Balus (Balis) West and Mary (Swanson) (m. 1818)
1045. Edmond Blackburn and Susan S.
1046. Harvey Scott and Dorcus
1047. Jesse Evans and Nancy

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