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1/1 Thompson Smith, Sr. and Elizabeth White
2/2 Joshua Snider and Nancy Peddicord
3/3 Josiah Adkins and Dinah
4/4 Robert Golding and Eliza J.
5/5 Andrew M. Kinnaman and Mary A.Gibbins
6/6 John Johnson and Nancy
7/7 John T. Hedgecock and Phebe Jenkins
8/8 Wyatt Tucker and Sara Teague
9/9 John W. Adkins and Sara Smith
10/10 Elizabeth J. James
11/11 John L. McCann
12/12 Peter C. McCann
13/13 Thomas L. Peddycord and Phebe Snider
14/14 Valintine Motsinger and Eliza Martin (Weavil? we have conflicting information on her)
15/15 William L. Atkins and Elizabeth Smith
16/16 Sampson S. Wright and Susan Snider
17/17 Isaac Teague and Rachel Smith
18/18 Joseph Fry and Elizabeth Jared
19/19 James Martin and Nancy Woods
20/20 William S. Patterson and Docia Styers
21/21 Jacob Williard and Phoebe Smith
22/22 John Wier and Louisa Peddicord
23/23 Edward Jurd, Sr. and Martha Strawn (m.n. Quillen??)
24/24 Friedrich Alexander Snider and Mary (Anna Maria) Ried
25/25 John Keller and Leah J. Cooper (is Cooper a previous married name?)
26/26 Catherine (Rothrock) Hensdale, widow of David Hensdale
27/27 Romulus A. Shultz and Christina Spurgeon
28/28 William Snider and Lucy Swaim
29/29 Philip Snider and Catherine B. Hummel
30/30 Jacob Charles and Charlotte Louisa Rominger
31/31 Susan B. Tush = Susanna Barbara Rothrock, widow of Heinrich Tesh
32/32 James M. Charles and Mary Ann Fisher
33/33 George Hege, Sen. and Elizabeth Grubb
33/33 George Hege, Jr. and Maria Martin
34/34 Christian T. Rothrock and Edith Huffman
35/35 George Clodfelter
35/35 Alexander Snider and Crissa [Christina] Clodfelter, d/o George Clodfelter and Barbara Rothrock
36/36 John Fishel and Susannah Ginder
37/37 Juliana Ginder
38/38 John Shutt and Elizabeth Hauser
39/39 George Pope and Nancy Thomas
40/40 William Thomas and Margaret Hayworth
41/41 Solomon Zimmerman and Clementine Fisher
42/42 J. Lewis Shutt and Catharine S.
43/43 J. Solomon Spaugh and Anna Green
43/43 Joseph Spaugh and Elizabeth Miller
44/44 Joseph Craver and Sally Dishon
45/45 Wm. R. C. Hartel (s/o Friedrich Hertel and Sophia Elizabeth Gambold) and Christina Folts
46/46 David Fishel and Lydia Clodfelter
47/47 Gasper Todd and Rachel Hein
48/48 Solomon Fishel and Barbara Williams
49/49 Fleet Longworth and Mary Murrell
50/50 William Longworth and Joice
51/51 George Longworth, widower of Nancy Richards
52/52 Olive (Harrold) Wright, widow of Stanley Wright
53/53 Nancy A. Marshall
54/54 John F. Smith and Catharine Weavil
55/55 Moses Smith, Sen., widower of Hannah Idol
56/56 Amos Stewart and Eliza Lanius
57/57 Spruce Ledford and Elizabeth Sell
58/58 Archibald McKaughan and Mary Welch
59/59 Christian Nissen and Salome Vogler
60/60 Philip W. Hine and Catharine Ried
61/61 George P. McKaughan and Elizabeth Newsom
62/62 Philip Lachenour and Phebe Davis
63/63 Philip Spaugh and Christina Ried
64/64 Elizabeth (Lagenour) Swaim, widow of Moses Swaim
65/65 Aaron Morris and Jane Thomas
66/66 Isaac H. Teague and Nancy Hine
67/67 Benjamin J. Snider and Mary Teague
68/68 John Christian Tesh and Susanna Phillips
69/69 John W. Hine and Catharine Hein
70/70 Cornelius Hine and Sally Yarberry
71/71 Elizabeth (Lagenauer) Reed, widow of Johann Samuel Ried
72/72 Philip Snider and Margaret (Margaretha) Leibenguth
73/73 Phebe (Phillips) Hine, widow of John Hein
74/74 Alfred Malone and Mary
75/75 Samuel Lowder and Catharine Snider
76/76 Mary (Hein) Reed, widow of George Ried
77/77 John Swaim and Salome Lagenauer
78/78 George Lochenour (Lagenauer), widower of Catharine Rank
78/78 Silas Swaim and Catherine Lagenauer
79/79 Jonathan Louder and Jane Mathis
80/80 Daniel Kinnaman and Phebe Jane Hedgecock (widow of William P. Teague when she married Daniel Kinnaman)
81/81 Solomon Williard
82/82 James Hine and Elizabeth Long
83/83 John Rudolph Reed and Pinel (Anna Benigna) Hein
84/84 William Pace and Christiana Huffman
85/85 Albert Welsh and Emily Yokley
86/86 Charles Reed and Elizabeth Vogler
86/86 Christian E. Reed and Nancy Ann Lowder
87/76 Andrew Kinnaman and Elizabeth B. Reed
88/88 Mathias Hege Sen. and Melia (Lydia Emilie) Baumgarten
89/89 Caleb Johnson and Nancy Shields
90/90 Moses Sells and Sally Weavil
91/91 Jacob Weaval and Catharine Regina Hine
92/92 John Hasten and Susan L. Payne
93/93 John C. Milaway and Mary R.
94/94 George W. Johnson and Susan T.
95/95 Aquilla Pitts and Rebecca Martin
96/96 Mary (Hayworth) Smith, widow of Moses Smith, Jr.
97/97 Rebeca Fry
98/98 Jacob Smith and Anna Phillips
99/99 David Swaim and Susanna Gibbins

100/100 William Gibbins and Martha Williard
101/101 Grizilla (Ledford) Peddycord, widow of Keehln Peddycord
102/102 Spruce Mc Peddycord and Druzilla Swaim
103/103 William Swaim
104/104 Jesse Swaim and Mary Smith
105/105 William White and Rebecca
106/106 David Smith and Elizabeth Hine
107/107 Philip Cook and Matilda Averet
108/108 William Sells and Rosanna Weavil
108/108 Rachel Swaim [was she really Swaim? probably the same person who is listed in 1860 as Rachel Sells, apparently William's mother]
109/109 David Smith Sen., and Marthy W. Ledford
110/110 Henry Smith and Levina Shields
111/111 Ashley Swaim (Rev.) and Sarah Walton
112/112 Abel C. Watkins and Hannah Teague
113/113 Susan L. (Watkins) Hasten, widow of William Hasten
113/113 Davis Raper and Margaret Mock
114/114 John Smith and Mary Elizabeth Bowles
115/115 Eleazer Smith and Mahala Johnson
116/117 Moses Smith and Katharine Ledford
117/117 Moses Smith and Elizabeth Dean
118/118 George Williard and Rachel Smith
119/119 John Shields, Sen., widower of Martha Haisley
120/120 John Shields Jun. and Mary Smith
121/121 Mary Haithcock
122/122 Christian Shoaf and Mary Hege
123/123 John Long and Elizabeth Turner
124/124 Samuel Long and Elizabeth Frey
125/125 Solomon Rothrock and Nancy Perryman
125/125 George Rothrock, probably widower of Magdalena Weidman
126/126 William McCrary and Susanna Leonard
127/127 Christian Rothrock and Mary Catharina Boeckel
128/128 Joseph Rothrock and Sarah Spach
129/129 Joseph Nading and Elisabeth Schott
130/130 William E. Nading
131/131 David Enochs and Debora
132/132 Hew [Hugh] Beckerdite and Christina Rothrock
133/133 Jonathan Steward and Cloia Daniels
134/134 William G. Bodenhamer and Mourning Mariah Stuart/Stewart
135/135 Joseph Steward and Ellen Hertell
136/136 John Steward
137/137 Jane Jones
138/138 John Steward and Elizabeth Leonard
139/139 Jacob Sink and Sarah Leonard
140/140 Andrew Everhart and Carolina
141/141 Christian Essex and Isibel Northern
142/142 Martha Mendenhall, widow of Alfred
143/143 Daniel Sink and Malinda
144/144 John Nading and Hannah Burk
145/145 Solomon Shutt (Schott) and Sally Foltz
146/146 George Shutt (Schott), widower of Maria Boeckel
147/147 Christian Wier and Elizabeth
148/148 Christina Ripple and Eliza Miller
149/149 Lewis Chambers and Rebecca
150/150 Charles Foller (Fuller) and Lydia Vogler, d/o Philip Martin Vogler and Maria Davis
151/151 Charles Chitty and Lucy Schott
152/152 Daniel Rothrock and Rebecca [probably really Anna Margaretha Boeckel]
153/153 Daniel Spaugh and Rebecca Wesner
154/154 George P. Vawter and Charlotte Vogler
155/155 Jesse Mock and Sarah (Sallie) Kimel
156/156 Charles Crouch and Catharine Glasscock
156/156 Nancy Crouch Foltz, widow of Madison Foltz (living with her parents)
157/157 John Folts and Susan Crouch
158/158 Elizabeth Zimmerman Foltz, widow of Jacob Foltz
159/159 Jesse Rothrock and Louisa Wesner
160/160 Catharine (Chitty) Rominger, widow of Conrad Rominger
161/161 Philip Reich and Rosanah Zimmerman
162/162 Thomas Shore, widower of Lydia Chitty
163/163 Thomas Rothrock and Lucinda Holder
164/164 Elizabeth (Hamilton) Vogler, widow of Philip Martin Vogler
165/165 (Barnabas) Barney Gimble (Kimel) and Hannah Fisher
166/166 Archibald Davis
167/167 William Fishel and Regina Vogler
168/168 Nathaniel Mock and Mary Catharina Tesh
169/169 Phebe (Rominger) Padget, widow of Thomas Padget
170/170 Christian Earnest and Lovice [probably really Louisa Herrman]
171/171 Mary (Fisher?) Hier
172/172 Michael Sink and Christina Tesh
173/173 Joseph Spaugh and Jane Lashmit
174/174 George Spaugh and Christina Kimble
175/175 Daniel A. Orrell and Elminy (Elmina) Tucker
176/176 Jacob Faw and Sarah Martin
177/177 Anna (Blackburn) Faw, widow of Daniel Faw
178/178 Thomas Haines (Hanes), widower of Maria Faw
179/179 John Long
179/179 Elizabeth Craver
180/180 Reubin Brewer
181/181 Elias Lashmit
182/182 Thomas Lashmit and Elizabeth Thomas
183/183 Benjamin Lashmit and Sarah McBride
184/184 Reubin Longworth and Emily
185/185 Andrew Spaugh and Mary (Polly) Chitty
186/186 Levi Spaugh and Jenetta Martin
187/187 Benjamin Spaugh and Julian Crouse
188/188 Hendrix Evans and Mary Spaugh
189/189 George Evans and Nancy Spach (HH number is off by one line)
190/190 Samuel Spach and Ann A. Welfare
191/191 Rebecca Seides (Sides), unmarried
191/191 Catharine (Claus) Seides (Sides), widow of Johann George Seiz and mother of Rebecca above
192/192 Jacob Livengood and Philpena (Philippina) E. Sides
193/193 Christian D. Seides (Sides) and Alpha Monroe Vawter
194/194 George Sheets and Elizabeth
195/195 Milton Blackburn and Cynthia (Lucinda) E. W. Doub
196/196 Elizabeth Holder
197/197 Henry Holder and Anna Fensler
198/198 Edwin Rights and Nancy Snipe
199/199 William H. Rights and Leander [Leanna] Snipe

200/200 Mary J. Blackburn
201/201 Thomas Slater and Sarah Brandon
202/202 Henry Morgan and Mahala
203/203 John Bowyer and Anna Holder
204/204 Eli Hartman and Nancy Martin
205/205 Henry Schriver and Anna
206/206 Nathaniel Hartman and Susan Conrad
207/207 Elizabeth (Boyer) Beroth, widow of Heinrich Beroth
208/208 John Styers and Sarah [Salome] Sides
209/209 Permanio Houser and Maria Styers
210/210 Ezekiel Thomas and Debora
211/211 Jonathan Jarvis
212/212 Daniel Reich and Julia Vawter
213/213 Eliza Marshall
214/214 Walter G. Bullard and Sarah C. Vogler
215/215 John H. Cumbia and Sarah Hicks
216/216 Abraham Faw and Zilpha Harper
217/217 William L. Swaim and Polena Vawter
218/218 Washington Green and Nancy Lashmit
219/219 George Fisher and Sarah Hamilton

Started Salem

220/220 Jacob Spaugh and Elizabeth Chitty
221/221 Mary (Spach) Seides (Sides), widow of Jacob Sides
222/222 Edward Folts and Lucinda Sides
223/223 Alfred Evert [Ebert] and Susanna Robertson
224/224 Mary Evert [Ebert], unmarried
225/225 Mary (Anna Maria Foltz) Waggeman, widow of Christian Wagemann
226/226 John Waggeman and Lucetta Shouse
227/227 Emanuel Reich and Christina Ruede
228/228 Henry Lodeck
229/229 John N. Shults and Sophia [Sabina?] Christmann
230/230 Timothy Vogler and Charlotte Hamilton
231/231 Christian D. Keehln and Mary (Maria Magdalena) Landmann
232/232 John D. Taves (Tewes) and Henrietta Winkler
233/233 Traugott Leinbach and Maria T. Lang
234/234 Augustus T. Zevely and Lucinda Paulina Blum
235/235 Jacob Reich and Martha Geiger
236/236 Rebecca (Hanes) Shober, widow of Nathaniel Shober
237/237 Anna (Hanes) Shober, widow of Emanuel Shober
238/238 William Winkler and Polina Fisher
239/239 Traugott Christ and Maria L. Haman
240/240 Adam Haman and Rebecca Schnall
241/241 Gottlieb Byhan and Dorothea Schneider
242/242 Edward Belo and Amanda Fries
243/243 Theodore C. Pfohl and Anna Susanna Mickey
244/244 Christiana (Kramsch) Van Vleck, widow of Carl Van Vleck
245/245 James Hall and Sarah H. Green
246/246 Solomon Mickey and Salome Spach
247/247 Oren Mitchel and Lissetta/Souzietta Caroline Hine
248/248 Henry E. Meinung and Tracy (Therese) Hege
249/249 J. Philip Reich and Sybella Cecilia Doll
250/250 Jacob Rothhaas and Magdalana Vogler
251/251 David Clewell and Dorothea M. Shultz
252/252 Lewis Belo and Lisette Henrietta Reich
253/253 Abram Steiner and Caroline Shultz
254/254 Christian Ebert and Lucinda E. Rothhaas
255/255 George H. Ruede and Carolina M. Levering
256/256 Lewis (Ludwig) Winkler
257/257 John H. Leinbach and Elizabeth Schneider
258/258 Omitted by Enumerator
259/259 Jacob L. Fulkerson and Sarah A. Leinbach
260/260 Benjamin Warner and Anna L. Stolz
261/261 Philip Lachenour and Caroline Schuster
262/262 (Samuel) William Linebach and Sarah Rebecca Hauser
263/263 Samuel T. Pfohl and Ann E. Schroeter

The following would appear to be the Widows' House in Salem
264/264 Elizabeth (Fockel) Pfohl, widow of Christian Thomas Pfohl
264/265 Anna (Geiger) Shaub, widow of Solomon Schaub
264/266 Susanna (Lick) Hagen, widow of Johann Joachim Hagen
264/267 Anna M. (Grabs) Gambold, widow of John Gambold
264/268 Charity C. (Christina Caritas Schneider) Benzien, widow of Wilhelm Ludwig Benzien
264/269 Mary (Hamilton) Holland, widow of John Frederick Holland
264/270 Sarah (Leinbach) Stockburger, widow of Johannes Stockburger
264/271 Christiana Elisabeth (Steinke) Shuster, a widow from Philadelphia
264/272 Mary (Maria Strub) Belo, widow of Johann Friedrich Belo
264/273 Anna (Butner) Reich, widow of Johann Michael Reich
264/274 Katharine (Roth) Straley, widow of Johann Ludwig Stroehle

265/275 John Vogler and Christina Spach
266/276 Elias Vogler and Emma Reich
267/277 Jacob R. Crist and Rosalia M. Keelhn
268/278 Samuel Shults and Christina Hein
269/279 Johann Christian Blum and Maria Elizabeth Transou
270/280 George Folts and Verona Reich
271/280 Adam Butner and Christina Hege
272/281 John D. Siewers and Hannah A. Haines
273/282 Nathaniel Vogler and Anna Maria Fischel
274/283 Traugott Chitty and Catherine Fredericka Ruede
275/284 Hanah (Anna Johanna Stauber) Vogler, widow of Alexander Christoph Vogler
276/285 Earnest Vierling and Polina Reich
277/286 Theodore F. Keehln and Susan E. Rights
278/287 Joshua Boner and Anna E. Christ
279/288 Charles F. Kluge and Agnes M. Pannach
280/289 Theodore Shultz and Susanna Loesch
281/290 Charles Kramer and Eliza W. Vierling
---/---   George F. Bonson (Bahnson) and Anna F.P. (Paulina Conrad)
[household not numbered on census page, presumably = #282]
283/291 John Gottlieb Herman and Anna Paulina Shober
284/292 Fredrick "J." (middle name is really Heinrich) Shuman and Theodora Schulz
285/293 Thomas J. Boner and Phoebe Nading
286/295 William Boner
287/296 Evan Boner and Dorothea Byhan
288/297 John H. Senseman, widower of Elizabeth Transou
289/298 Francis W. Miller and (Henrietta) Caroline Reich
290/299 Lewis F. Eberhart, widower of Catharina Blum
291/300 Lewis Hine and Maria Paulina Marshall
292/301 John Shofner and Katharine Ranke
292/302 James Fisher and Polina Snider
293/302 John R. Smith (Schmidt) and Gartroute (Gertraud Salome) Spainhour
294/304 Henry Schafner and Amelia (Emilie) Charlotte Meinung

295/305 Salem Female Acadamy (listing teachers only)
295/305 Emil de Schweinitz and Sophia A. Herman
295/305 Lydia Stauber
295/305 Fredericka Pfohl
295/305 Henrietta Schnall
295/305 Louisa Belo
295/305 Sophia Zevely
295/305 Lisetta Louisa Brietz
295/305 Louisa Herman
295/305 Augusta Hall
295/305 Ernestine Reichel
295/305 Elizabeth Hanes
295/305 Sophia Folts
295/305 Hermina Benzien
295/305 Jane Welfare
295/305 Emma Pfohl
295/305 Charlotte Smith
295/305 Emma Leinbach

296/306 Hedwig Elisabet Shober
297/307 Charles Reich and Sarah Spach
298/308 Charles Cooper and Rebecca Schultz
299/309 Eli Reich and Amanda Schumacher
300/310 Peter Fetter and Sarah Stockburger
301/311 William Hauser and Anna Schulz
302/312 Edwin Meinung and Clementine Pfohl
303/313 Joseph E. Bietel and Lucinda Schaub
304/314 Francis Fries and Lisetta Vogler, d/o John Vogler and Christina Spach
305/315 Elizabeth (Hege) Rights, widow of Matthaeus Reuz
306/316 Karsten Peterson and (Agnes) Susanna Praezel

307/317 Single Sisters' House:
307/317 Elisabeth Biwighausen
307/317 Christina Cristman
307/317 Sarah Waterson
307/317 Magdalena Transou
307/317 Regina Leinbach
307/317 Anna Leinbach - probably Regina's sister Anna Abigail Leinbach
307/317 Johannah Stauber
307/317 Fredericka Hippel
307/317 (Anna) Johanna Spach
307/317 Mary E. Baumgartner
307/317 Catherine Heckedorn
307/317 Johanna Brasing (Broessing)
307/317 Justina Stockburger
307/317 Christina Broessing
307/317 Elizabeth Bloese
307/317 Catharina Stauber
307/317 Elizabeth Spach
307/317 Christina Lick
307/317 Johanna E. Schultz
307/317 Rebecca Stauber
307/317 Lydia Transou
307/317 Salome Rothrock
307/317 Mary Spach
307/317 Lydia Vogle - probably Lydia Fogle, d/o Johann Christian Fogle or Fockel
307/317 Catharina Hine
307/317 Sarah Lathrop
307/317 Lavina Williams
307/317 Regina Rothrock
307/317 Johanna (Elvira) Hauser
307/317 Maria Hine
307/317 (Charlotte) Emeline Vogler
307/317 Elizabeth Davis
307/317 Louisa Stolts
307/317 Hedwig Oehmann (transcribed as Ackerman; we now think it's Hedwig Josephina Oehmann, who married Johann Adam Friebele in 1851)
307/317 Hysania Hauser, probably the Elizabeth or Lizany Hauser who later married Eli Rominger
307/317 Leanna Schaub
307/317 Clarinda Oehman
307/317 Lydia Frey
307/317 Charlotta Rights
307/317 Sabina Fry
307/317 Carolina Shutts - possibly Caroline Schultz, d/o Jacob Schultz
307/317 Ernestina Vierling
307/317 Charlotta Shultz

308/318 Mary (Steiner) Denke
308/318 Sarah Steiner (Mary's sister)
308/318 Elizabeth Steiner (another sister)
308/318 John A. Frubilly
308/318 Henry Steiner (nephew of the Steiner women)
309/319 John (Johannes) Ackerman (census reads Ockerman), widower of Anna Johanna Spach
310/320 Charles Brietz and Louisa Rebecca Reich
311/321 William C. Stroupe and Anna Lucinda Spach
312/322 Sanford B. Shultz and Delila Foltz
313/323 C. F. Sussdorff and Louisa C. Hagen
314/324 Constantine L. Banner and Mary Bowman
315/325 Susan L. (Waugh?) Webb
316/326 Cinthia (Banner) Randleman
317/327 Christian Reed and Elizabeth Billeter
318/328 Richard Carmichael and Sarah Westmoreland
319/329 Robert Weir and Temp M. Fisher
320/330 Nancy (Standeford) Holder (widow of Daniel Holder)
321/331 John Heisler and Anna L.(Lydia) Reich
322/332 David Collins and Malinda Lumly
323/333 Andrew J. Thomas and Patience Abertson (or Albertson?)
323/334 William Holder and Nancy Hauser
324/335 Dicy (Hendrix/Hendricks) Farecloth (Faircloth) (widow of William Faircloth)
325/336 Louisa Collins
326/337 Mary Speers
328/338 Susan Brown
329/339 Edwin Holland and Elvira Green
330/340 Lucinda Knowles
331/341 James Samuel and Nancy Marshall
332/342 Henry (Christian Heinrich) Winkler and (Ruffina) Emilia Reich
333/343 Antoinette (Schultz) Blum, widow of Alexander Christian Blum
334/344 Thomas J. Wilson and Julia E. Lindsay
335/345 F. C. (Frederic Christian) Meinung and (Johanna) Elizabeth Praezel
336/346 Lucinda Bagge
337/347 John L. Belo
338/348 Franklin L. Gorrell and Caroline C.
339/349 John P. Vest and Lucy
340/350 Alexander Miller
341/351 William D. Cook and Rebecca Boyles
342/352 Jesse Canneday and Elizabeth Canneday
343/353 Henry Stotts and Magdelena
344/354 James Brindle and Louisa Shults
end Salem

345/355 John Sanders and Susan Hine
346/356 Solomon Sink and Lucy Snider
347/357 Martin Snider and Anna - maybe Juliana Rominger? [error corrected 10/14/02; the Martin Snider who married Anna Williard died in 1806, so this can't be him.]
348/359 Mary Styers
348/359 James Bowles and Rhoda Styers
350/360 Wiliam Newsom and Elizabeth
351/361 Daniel Clodfelter and Phebe
352/362 George Mock
353/363 Larkin Terry
354/364 John Clodfelter and Maria R.
---/365 Matilda Leinbach
355/366 Charity L. Ferguson
356/367 Frederick M. Snider and Sophia Brendle
357/368 Moses Tush and Mary Mock
358/369 Polly Long
359/370 Philip Nissen and Mary A. E. Vawter
360/371 Elizabeth Melton
361/372 John Idol and Charity Ann Huff
362/373 George Thornborough and Hannah
363/374 George W. Taylor and Elizabeth
364/375 Samuel Stewart and Justina Sides
365/376 Hezekiah Mastin and Sarah Whicker
366/377 William Guyer and Mary A.
367/378 Sarah Sell
368/379 Susanna (Ledford) Swaim, widow of Moses Swaim
369/380 Lewis H. Snider and Eliza Swaim
370/381 John S. Leicht and Grace Shields
371/382 Aaron York and Millissa Allred
372/383 Phebe (Leonard) Hege, widow of Joseph Hege
373/384 Joseph Hege (Phebe's son) and Mary Reed
374/384 Albin H. Christman, s/o Jacob and Dorothea Christman, who are living with him
375/386 John M. Vawter and Mary A (Polly) Campbell
376/387 John H. Houser and Anna Maria Shamel
377/288 Elizabeth Waugh
378/389 Thomas Marshall and Mulvirra/Mulvina
379/390 Christian Spach and Nancy Swaim
380/391 Andrew J. Peddycord and Edith Swaim
382/393 Edmond Tucker and Hannah Eleanor Light
383/394 Tandy Marshall and Polly Mary Ann Terry
384/395 Michael Miller and Elizabeth Styers
385/396 Caleb Idol and Sarah Bodenhamer
386/397 Nathan Harrold and Sarah Harrold
387/398 David Hendrix and Hannah Jones
388/399 Roberson Stafford, Sr. and Hannah Johnson
388/399 Roberson Stafford, Jun. and Elizabeth Jane Hendricks
389/400 Rebecca Matthews, widow of David
390/401 Lewis Hendricks
390/401 Phebe (Teague) Robbins, widow of Daniel Robbins
391/402 John J. Robbins and Louisa Harrold
392/403 John H. Harrold and Nancy
393/404 Elisha Shields and Leah Davis
394/405 Davis Clinard and Rebecca Phillips
395/406 William Sell and Rachael M.
396/407 William Roberson and Mahala Bodenhamer
397/408 Howel Mitchel and Eliza
398/409 Debora Roberson, widow of David
399/410 Oliver Orrell and Charity Elizabeth Bodenhamer

400/411 William Clinard and Christina E. Mock
401/412 Joab Teague and Lucy
402/413 Isaac Shealds (Shields) and Elenor Stewart
403/414 David Idol, Sen. and Mary G. Beeson
404/415 Jacob Idol, Sen. (94 years of age, Rev. soldier) and Cloy (Chloe) Johnson (age 92)
404/415 David Idol and Sarah Hitchcock
405/416 Joseph Teague and Martha Emily Idol
406/417 William Idol and Mary Robertson?
407/418 Joseph S. Swaim and Keziah Emily Idol
408/419 Isaac Welsh and Margaret
409/420 John Welsh and Anna
410/421 James Payne and Killester (Chillister Charles)
412/422 Isaac Payne and Katharine Monroe
412/423 William Wilborne
413/424 Joseph Williams and Polly
414/425 George McFareland and Mary A.
415/426 Susannah Wood
416/427 Joseph Idol, Sen. and Elizabeth Salisbury
417/428 Joseph Idol, Jun. and Eliza Jane Shields
418/429 John Butt and Mary Stuart
419/430 Samuel Clark and Jinsey
420/431 Hannah (Williams) Shields
421/432 Isaac Pitts and Martha Teague
422/433 John Shields and Rosana Clinard
423/434 Andrew M. Gamble and Elizabeth
424/435 Ransom Phipps and Chloey Idol
425/436 Elim McDillan and Mary
426/437 Nathan Calhoun and Martha
427/438 George Clampit and Mahala Swaim
428/439 John Henley and Susannah
429/440 Peter Hastin(gs) and Nancy Hedgecock
430/441 Evander Archer and Lucricia (Lucretia?)
431/443 John B. Jones and Elizabeth Jane Talley
432/443 Hezekiah Jones and Martha Brooks
433/444 William Shealds and Sarah Pitts Hanes
434/445 Abel Shealds and Eusebia Folger
435/446 Reubin F. Payne and Lavena
436/447 Hugh Baker and Martha Johnson
437/448 Andrew L. Shealds and Elizabeth J.A. Macy
438/449 Thomas Rich and Elizabeth Shields
439/450 William Calhoun and Hanah
440/451 Isaac Pitts Sen
441/442 John Patterson and Mary
... /453 William A. Lewis and Elizabeth A. K.
442/454 Nathan Gray and Gilla Stephens
443/455 Elizabeth Starbuck
444/456 Joshua Starbuck
444/456 Joshua Pitts and Hanah Idol
445/457 Willis Parish
446/458 Andrew Pitts, Sen and Mary
....../459 Eli B. Pitts and Luzena
447/460 George Stewart and Isabel Green
448/461 William P. Henley and Sarah S.
448/461 Elizabeth (Briggs?) Lindsey
449/462 Anthony Taylor and Polina Smith
450/463 John Taylor and Sarah Mock
451/464 John Davis and Elizabeth Dean
452/465 John F. Kerner and Nancy Landrum
453/466 Joseph E. Kerner and Milissa Perry
454/467 Israel Kerner and Elmina Perry
455/468 Bennet Swaim and Susanna Seids (Sides)
456/469 Benjamin F. Folger and Nancy R. Boss
457/470 Jacob Smith and Sarah
458/471 Jesse T. Swaim and Ruth
459/472 Leaven Stack
459/472 Delila Deen
460/473 Elizah Hester and Fanny Tatum
461/474 William H. Swaim and Rebecca Campbell
462/475 Levi Stafford and Elizabeth Hanes
463/476 Lewis Brown and Diana
464/477 William Beeson and Sally
465/478 Zadoc J. Stafford and Hanah Hanes
466/479 Abraham Weaver and Mary
467/480 Jeremiah Hester and Sarah Whicker
468/481 Drury Watson and Martha Hester
469/482 Calvin E. Walker and Martha Whicker
470/483 Jacob Ward and Emily M.
471/484 George W. Wilson and Julia Ann Hastings
472/485 William Frazer and Elizabeth
473/486 Benjamin Eliot and Mary Mustin
474/487 Nancy E. Deen
475/488 John W. Shelton and Katharine A. B.
476/489 Hugh Beeson and Jane Fulp
477/490 Anderson Crews and Elizabeth Snipes
478/491 Anderson Nicholson and Anna J. Chipman
479/492 Levi Crews and Leanna Zimmerman
480/493 Jonathan Huff and Louisa Beeson
481/494 Gottlieb Leinbach and Susanna
482/495 Horatio H. Peddycord and Jane Beeson (?)
483/496 Robert Linville and Aley (Alice) Fare (Fair)
484/497 William Studdard
485/498 Coleman Jenkins and Emily Bodenhamer
486/499 Isaac W. Brown and Elizabeth
487/500 Jonathan Crews and Matilda Mastin
488/501 John Hiatt and Elizabeth
489/502 Henry Ruth and Eleanor
490/503 Elisha Geering and Emily E. Wright
491/504 Charles Hiatt and Elizabeth Teague
492/505 (Christian) Lewis Rights and Elizabeth Hughes
493/506 George Patterson and Sarah Anderson
494/507 Joseph Phillips and Rebecca Wright
495/508 Jesse Styers, Jr and Julia A. Northern
496/509 Squire Ledford and Rhoda Phillips
497/510 Barbara Northern
498/511 Catharine (Seitz) Phillips, widow of David Phillips
498/512 William Hinshaw and Margaret
499/513 Darias Mastin and Mary (Polly) Fare (Fair)

500/514 Benjamin Hester and Abigale Lomax
501/515 William Wilds
502/516 Alexander Cook
502/516 Brison Cook and Sarah Canadey
503/517 Zacheus Watson and Adiline Canaday
504/518 William Reed and Susan Thomas
505/519 Hiram D. Swaim and Nancy Snider
506/520 Moses Swaim and Mary Billeter
507/521 Elanson Brindle and Julia A.
508/522 Lewis Clodfelter and Caroline Canaday
509/523 Moses Stewart and Anna Kroehn/Green
510/524 Elijah B. Snow and Susanna Perry
511/525 James Voss and Nancy J.
512/526 John Lewis and Charlotte Quillin
513/527 Abner Beeson and Nancy Elliott
514/528 Harvey Dilworth and Elizabeth
515/529 Roland Jordon and Amily Elliott
516/530 John G. Smith and Nancy F.
517/531 Josiah A. Young and Elizabeth C. Ross
518/532 Jacob Roberson and Susanna Johnson
519/533 John L. Peddycord and Mary A. Wright
520/534 James Martin and Martha E.
521/535 Mary Johnston
522/536 Samuel Weavel and Nancy Taylor
523/537 Alpha Lomax
524/538 William Harrel and Tabitha
525/539 David Blum and Amelia Rothhaas
526/540 Martha L. (Blum) Griffin, widow of John M. Griffin
527/541 William Snipes and Sarah S.
528/542 David Hendricks Jr and Barbara Halbrook
529/543 John Mastin and Lucy A. Peddycord
529/543 William F. Stockton and Mary M. Wilson
531/545 Elijah B. Teague, widower of Martha H. Dean Teague
532/546 Henry Stafford and Sarah Shields
533/547 Eric Dillon and Prudence F. Mustin
534/548 Nancy Epps
535/549 Charles R. Tarnes (?) and Elizabeth
536/549 Reubin Brattain and Nancy
537/550 John Brown and Nancy
538/551 Larkin Friend and Hester (Esther?) Volentine
539/552 Alexander Martin and Hanah
540/553 William F. Meridith and Mahala Holbrook
541/554 Bradley Merridith
542/555 Sarah Fitts
543/556 James Walker and Elizabeth Fitts
544/557 Thomas Thornton and Rachel Smith
545/558 John Harrold and Jane Reynolds
546/559 Isaac Morris and Jane Meacom
547/560 John Mustin and Lucy Barham
548/561 Martin Jones and Elizabeth Meacom
549/562 Turner Megee
550/563 Thomas Jordan and Mary Priddy
551/565 Hasten Lewis and Christina Parnel
552/565 Robert L. Walker and Lucy C. Mullins [error corrected; Matthews was her previous marriage]
553/566 William H. Campbell and Sarah Ann Frazer
554/567 Ithamer Harrold and Ruth Clampett
555/568 Green Megee and Keziah Meacom
556/569 George Books and Elizabeth
557/670 James Mecomb
558/571 Alexander Ring and Elizabeth
559/572 William Chipman and Eliza
560/573 Uriah P. Tally and Elizabeth Jordan
561/574 Jacob Stanley and Malinda Beeson
562/575 Andrew Pitts and Elizabeth
563/576 John Jordan and Mahala Thomason
564/577 Allen Watson and Acha
564/577 Rhoda Worth
565/578 Elizabeth Mitchel
566/579 John Ross and Jane Mereday/Meridith
566/579 Elizabeth Ross
567/580 William Peddiford and Fanny Macklin
567/580 Sarah Macklin
568/581 Sarah Merredith, widow of Elisha
568/581 Mary Merredith
568/581 Richard Stanley and Sarah
569/582 John Peck and Eliza Taylor
570/583 Nancy Taylor
570/583 Jane Taylor
571/584 James Fuller and Mary
572/584 Fanny Corn
573/585 James Browning and Jathy Thomason
573/585 Fleming Thomason, Sen.
574/586 Robert Dwiggins, Sen. (wife, Martha Crews)
575/587 Thomas C. Dwiggins and Charity McMichael
576/587 Fleming Thomason Jr and Parthenia E.
577/588 Jehu Perdue and Susan
578/589 Jesse Lassiter and Rebecca
579/590 Amos Lassiter and Jane A. Turner
580/591 Lee H. Lewis and Julian (July Ann) Hester
581/592 Aheley [Ashley?] Dwiggins and Sarah McKinney
582/593 John Brindle
583/594 Walter R. Right/Wright and Hester Boyd
584/595 John Wright and Sarah
585/596 Francis Barnecastle and Nancy Keller
585/596 Elizabeth (Beroth) Rippel, widow of 1) George Keller, 2) Heinrich Rippel. She is Nancy Keller Barnecastle's mother.
586/597 William Griggs and Martha A.
587/598 Albert Brindle and Polina C. Boeckel
588/599 Emanuel Tesh and Charity Rothrock
589/600 David Rominger and Phebe Steward
590/601 Jonathan Stewart and Nancy Rominger
591/602 James Thomas and Prissillia
592/603 William Reich and Lydia Wesner
593/604 George Hine and Susana C.
594/604 Nelson Weisner and Elizabeth Messer
595/605 Nancy Roberts
596/606 Berry Walls and C. Charity Parks
597/607 John Weisner and Jane McKaughan
597/607 Phebe McKaughan, widow of Hugh McKaughan
598/608 Nathaniel Alspach and Mary Douthit
599/609 George Spach

600/610 John L. Swaim and Christina S. Spach
601/611 Joseph F. Swaim
602/612 Edward A. Rominger and Phoebe Independence Teague
603/613 Anna Maria (Spach) Boeckel, widow of Tobias Boeckel
604/614 William Shore and Lucetta (Lisetta Henriette Walk)
605/615 Jacob Shore and Sophronia Rominger
606/616 John M. Stafford and Mary Elizabeth Booe
607/617 Andrew Rominger and Mary
608/618 Fredrick W. Holland and Susanna Hampton
609/619 William Hartman and Anna Eva Petree
610/620 Mary Evans
611/621 Charlotte Cussins
612/622 Jacob Longworth and Rachel Murrell
613/623 Joseph Walker and Martha Swaim
614/624 Henry Perrel and Anna Petticord
614/625 David Zimmerman and Nancy N. Campbell
616/626 William Panter and Sarah
617/627 Augustus A. Myers and Julian M.
618/628 Andrew J. Stafford and Sarah
618/628 Mary Trantham
618/628 Isaac Robinson (Robertson?) and Elizabeth Hanes
619/629 Phillip Rominger and Anna Rosina Wesner
620/630 Henry Shoaf and Sarah
621/631 David Todd and Anna Susanna Zimmerman
621/631 Daniel Zimmerman
622/632 Daniel Z. Panter (Painter) and Mary M. Butner
623/633 Obediah Evans and Martha K. Stipe
624/634 Jacob Hege and Catharina Wesner
625/635 George Hege and Maria Catharina Beroth
626/636 John Reich (mistranscribed as Reid) and Agnes Schultz
627/637 William Hedgecock and Rhohaine
628/638 Augustus N. Reich and Antoinette Nading
629/639 Edmond J. Shultz and Cynthia C. Thomas
630/640 John W. Thomas and Elenor Boeckel
631/641 Christian Reich and Isabel Swaim
632/642 Albert Hampton and Jenneta (Is this Alfred Hampton and Jaraty Reich?)
633/643 Silas Swaim and Charity (Bodenhamer) Manering, widow of David Manering when she m. Silas Swaim
634/644 Jacob Weisner and Sarah Rothrock
635/645 John Coltraine and Abigail Hayworth
636/646 John Crater and Mariah Katherine Wesner
637/647 Henry Brewer and Martha
638/648 John Beckle (Boeckel) and Sarah Weaver
639/649 George W. Burk and Sarah Ripple
641/650 Susanna (Taylor) Vawter, widow of Chadwell Vawter
641/651 Henry H. Brewer and Rebecca
642/562 Andrew Brewer and Charlotte White
643/653 Druzilla Brewer
644/654 Andrew Burk and Mary A.
645/655 Samuel Alspach and Elizabeth Teague
646/656 Beverly S. Vawter and Harriet J. Lashley
647/657 Alexander R. Griffith and Jane Alspaugh
648/658 John Fidler and Sarah
649/659 Joseph Miller and Lucy M.
650/660 Fleet Longworth Jr. and Lucinda Hauser
651/661 Binjamin Wiesner and Mary White
652/662 Timothy Transou and Sarah C. Miller
653/663 James Griffith and Mary
654/664 Zebedee Biliter and Sarah Waterson
655/665 Dorcey Peddycord and Elisabeth Beason
656/666 Mary A. (Crouse?) Watterson
657/667 Thomas Conrad and Hanah R.
658/668 Amelia White
659/669 William McBride and Elizabeth Alspaugh
660/670 Elizabeth Brewer, widow of 1) ? Slater, 2) William? Brewer
661/671 Craven Jones and Missinda
662/672 Thomas Fry and Louisa A. Brinkley
663/673 Henry Boyer and Mary Alspach
664/674 William Woosley and Louisa Rominger
665/675 Hamilton Krouse and Nancy
666/676 Sarah Griffith
667/677 Wesley Higher and Elvira Ketner
667/677 Anna Ketner, widow of John Henry Ketner
668/678 Solomon Higher and Eveline Ketner
668/678 Joseph Williams
669/679 Sarah Higher, widow of David Hier
670/680 Solomon Vogler and Rachel Matilda Ridings
671/681 Nancy (Hunter) Ridens, widow of John Ridings
672/682 Daniel Fansler
673/683 Calvin Crater and Fiza C. Ketner
674/684 Elizabeth Boyer
675/685 (John) Martin Rominger and Rebecca Greter
676/686 Frederick Null and Katharine Butner
677/687 Joseph Woosley and Lavina Krause
678/688 Isaac Lash and Mary Transou
679/689 Henry Mahala and Anna
680/690 Charles Miller and Mary Brunner
681/691 Tenison Jarvis and Mary Jane Boyer
682/692 William Brewer and Susanna
682/692 Elizabeth Brewer (presumably William's mother)
683/693 George Whitefield and Emily M. S.
684/694 Susanna E. Snider
684/695 Nathaniel Casey and Mary
....../696 William Casey and Sarah
685/697 Allen Ackerman and Redelphia Kearney
686/698 David Spach and Friederica Charlotte Ebbeke
687/699 James W. Brewer and Camila N.
688/700 Branch Brewer and Sarah
669/701 John Strup and Margaret Geiger
669/701 Anna Jarvis (3 years of age), (d/o James Jarvis & Mary Ann Holland, both deceased)
690/702 Sarah Reed
691/703 Amos Myers and Emily Hill
692/704 Newel Williams and Mary
693/705 Nicholas Garbodie and Margaret Tesh
694/706 William A. Ackerman and Jennet Elisabeth Spach
695/707 Mary Fletcher
696/708 Gottlieb Vogler and Martha Teague
697/709 George W. Holt and Nancy
698/710 Christian F. Burkhart and Lena Elizabeth Oehman
699/711 William Moss

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